6 Strategies to Get UGC Creators in the Web3 Creator Economy

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Loyalty & Marketing • Jul 11, 2023 • 8 min read
6 Strategies to Get UGC Creators in the Web3 Creator Economy.

UGC creators for modern marketing: discover who they are, why Web3 is a natural fit for creators and learn 6 strategies for your brand to thrive.

What are UGC creators?

UGC creators, also known as User-Generated Content creators, are individuals who produce content that is generated and shared by users on various online platforms. They are active participants in social media, websites, forums, and other digital platforms where users can create and share their own content. Examples are bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, photographers, artists, musicians, writers, and more.

Who are the UGC creators?

The main goal of UGC creators

The main goal is to engage with an audience through comments, likes, shares, and other interactions. In recent years, UGC creators have gained significant influence on customer journeys, with brands and businesses recognizing their ability to reach and engage with their target audiences. Many companies collaborate with UGC creators to promote their products or services, leveraging their creativity and authenticity to connect with consumers in a more relatable and genuine way.

Discover the ins and outs of user-generated content like statistics on UGC effectiveness, key reasons why it’s so effective and examples of successful strategies in our blog ‘’5 Drivers of User-Generated Content Marketing in Web3’’. 

Read on to find out exactly how to capitalize on the benefits of UGC.

The creator economy is expected to nearly double in market size by 2027 - The Leap

UGC creators are a natural fit for Web3

UGC is a natural fit for the decentralized nature of Web3, where creators are empowered to take ownership and control. With the rise of Web3 and its associated technologies, we can expect to see a shift where UGC is the driving force behind marketing performance. 

The three pillars of UGC are peer-to-peer interactions, authenticity, and content creators. At the same time, it's important to understand the three pillars of the Web3 creator economy: community, decentralization, and tokenization.

Web3 and UGC creators are a natural fit

The combined power of UGC and the Web3 creator economy results in three key elements of common ground from which brands can benefit. 

Collaborative engagement
By fostering vibrant communities by adopting a community-driven, peer-to-peer approach, brands encourage their audience to actively participate and engage with one another. 

Autonomy & trust
Decentralization and authenticity give users the freedom to express themselves genuinely, maintain control of their data and benefit from transparency with content creator rewards.

With tokenized economies, brands incentivize UGC creators whilst the creators can monetize their work. This creates value for both parties involved, allowing for a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and the creator. 

6 strategies to get UGC creators

In the Web3 creator economy, where decentralized platforms and cryptocurrencies are prevalent, you can employ the following strategies to attract more user-generated content (UGC) creators for your brand:

  • Embrace blockchain and tokenization

  • Foster community feedback 

  • Leverage micro-influencers and early adopters

  • Educate and evangelize

  • Enable content monetization

  • Provide tools and resources

Almost one in four people is a content creator - 67% of creators have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers - The Leap

Embrace blockchain and tokenization
Leverage blockchain technology and tokenization to incentivize UGC creators. Consider creating your brand's own tokens or participating in existing decentralized platforms that offer rewards or tokens for content creation. This can motivate creators to contribute and participate in your brand's ecosystem. With Crowny, brands don’t need any blockchain expertise to do this. With a blockchain-based rewards program, a branded token economy is included so brands can incentivize users with the interact-to-earn mechanism. 

Foster community feedback 
Emphasize community participation in your brand's ecosystem. Encourage UGC creators to become stakeholders by allowing them to have a say in decision-making processes. Allow community members to participate by asking them for feedback through polls, for example. In Crowny’s app, brands can get maximize app marketing success. The app enables brands to get high response rates for polls by using push notifications for distribution with an underlying incentive for engaged customers. This way, brands can create a network of brand advocates that operate as micro-influencers through a winning mobile app engagement strategy.

Leverage micro-influencers and early adopters
Collaborate with influential creators or early adopters who are already active in the Web3 creator economy. Their participation and endorsement can help attract a wider audience of UGC creators who follow their lead and are interested in joining the Web3 movement. With Crowny, we benefit from having an extensive network in the Web3 space every day. The supportive and engaging nature of the space ensures that we can always help each other move forward with mutually beneficial solutions. 

Get UGC creators - professionals and hobbyists

Educate and evangelize
Educate UGC creators about the potential and benefits of the Web3 creator economy. Organize workshops, webinars, or educational content to familiarize creators with blockchain technology, tokenization, and decentralized platforms. By being an advocate and educator in the space, you can attract creators who are eager to explore new opportunities. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to host an online event in which you can engage face-to-face with community members. By hosting it through the Crowny App, brands have proven to boost participation rates and increase user engagement

Enable content monetization
Explore mechanisms for creators to monetize their content directly. This can include offering digital collectables and limited editions as rewards. Empowering creators to monetize their work ensures they always get value in return for the value they create for your brand. Crowny’s mobile-first blockchain loyalty solution allows brands to incentivize social sharing, enabling UGC creators to monetize their work in an integrated environment.

Provide tools and resources
Offer Web3 tools and resources that facilitate the creation and distribution of UGC. This can include tools like content creation platforms, copyright protection mechanisms or platforms that streamline the process of minting and selling NFTs. By providing user-friendly and innovative tools, you can attract creators interested in exploring the Web3 space. At Crowny, for example, we’ve simplified the onboarding experience in our app using Web3Auth. Anyone can now easily enter Web3 without any hassle whatsoever.

Enabling content monetization by incentivizing UGC comes with several benefits for brands and creators. Time to take an in-depth look at this method. 

Benefits of incentivized UGC creators for brands

Incentivizing users to create UGC through blockchain rewards in loyalty programs can help brands build a more engaged community and foster long-term relationships with their customers. It’s the newest addition to successful relationship marketing strategies of the future. Incentivized UGC is a win-win for brands and creators.

For brands

For creators


Earn value with rewards

Enhance Brand Awareness

Get recognition

Improve reputation

Gain influence

Increase engagement

Enjoyable content

Valuable Insights

Provide helpful recommendations

Community Building

Build relationships

Diverse Content Creation

Improve products and services

Improve ROI

Develop a skill

In the Web3 space, incentivizing user-generated content (UGC) is a powerful strategy for brands seeking to revolutionize their marketing approach. By tapping into the authenticity, trust, and creativity of their audience, brands can foster strong connections, expand their reach through brand advocacy and omnichannel marketing, and create a vibrant community. Embracing the decentralized and tokenized nature of Web3, brands can unlock new possibilities and inspire innovation.

Crowny’s role in the Web3 creator economy

As a Web3 SaaS start-up offering Web3 loyalty programs, Crowny plays a vital role in the creator economy to drive UGC creation, empowering creators and communities in the era of ownership.

Businesses can attract and incentivize UGC creators, which creates a vibrant and active online community. Through the Crowny App, users interact with captivating content and earn enticing rewards. Don't wait – act now to unlock the full benefits of UGC for your business.

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