About Crowny

At Crowny, we strive for excellence together

To reward businesses and users for every interaction


Our core values are not something we came up with, we live by them every single day. We just translated it to words.


We’re family, in good and bad times


Everybody is treated the same, 
no exceptions


We’re direct and truthful. Honesty always lasts longest


We will always grow, individually and as a collective


No charades, we will always tell what needs to be told


Respecting one another and the environment we live in is the standard

To revolutionize consumer-business relationships by monetizing community engagement and democratizing the value we create

There once was..

Everything started back in 2017. That year, Quincy joined the crypto space full time and soon realized that this was where he (and his partners) needed to be. In this new crypto environment, everybody seemed to get on so well with each other. That year, the Bitcoin price rose from $1.000 to an ATH of $14.000. The crash that followed taught a lot of investors a valuable lesson for the future. There are times like this when the fundamental believers of blockchain and crypto stick around. Stephano and Quincy didn’t meet in crypto, but they grew up as friends in the same neighborhood and have known each other for years. Mark and Quincy co-founded a different successful company prior to Crowny. Ever seen an advertising display in a lavatory or in a taxi? That might be them. While they were working on that, Stephano was developing his skills as a full stack developer and eventually became very skilful at it. The company he worked for, specialized in interactive software for the advertising industry. Once Quincy and Mark’s previous adventure came to an end, they sat down and discussed their next move. Stephano was getting quite experienced with the working wonders of blockchain technology and wanted to leverage that expertise, so they decided to meet up. From that moment onwards, the concept for Crowny began to take shape.

The idea

Both Mark and Stephano had gained extensive experience in software development over the years. Stephano acquired his blockchain experience rapidly, there were no more reasons to postpone working on Crowny. All ingredients were present to come up with a blockchain-based marketing solution. Easier said than done. Luckily, with all their marketing-related experience, several problems in the industry were quickly identified as crucial. The solutions to these problems combined lay the foundation for what Crowny is today. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the support and opportunities we’ve come across so far. With a loving community and a fantastic ecosystem, we couldn’t have asked for more. The growth has been immense, and we’ve enjoyed every step of our journey so far!

Waste of money

56% of ad impressions go unseen and 46% of the ads are poorly targeted. - Emarketer

Ads are annoying

64% of users find ads intrusive and annoying. 68% say they are fine seeing ads, as long as they are relevant. - Forbes

Privacy issues

84% of consumers say they want more control over how their data is being used. - Cisco

Businesses & Consumers
  • Ineffective communication
  • Unethical data collection
  • Intrusive distribution
  • Inactive brand communities
Brands & Fans
  • Relevant content
  • Opt-in data collection
  • Privacy-focussed
  • Engaging and motivated fans