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Grow your user base. Maximize customer retention. Increase your revenue by rewarding consumers with incentive-driven interactions through campaigns and branded loyalty programs.

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Easy-to-use loyalty software

The ultimate rewards program

Create your branded loyalty program
Simply build your loyalty program in minutes with our portal
Add your business’ look and feel for the best possible brand experience
Set your goals for success and measure performance in your own dashboard
Connect with your target audience
Boost content performance with preference-based messaging
Use customer journey analytics to optimize the path to purchase
Engage with your brand community through interactive touchpoints
Convert consumers to returning customers
Add any call-to-action that fits the goal of your campaign
Follow-up with personalized offers to build brand insistence
Improve repeat customer rates and increase customer lifetime values

Features that work

Results-driven features that convert loyalty to revenue

Push notifications

Schedule messages based on user preferences to stimulate immediate open rates and exposure to your content


Send enticing offers when users are closeby for direct conversions at your physical stores and events

QR Codes

Instantly reward and convert your target audience with trackable advertising objects, online and offline

Product ecosystem

Your community, our target, everyone’s reward

In Crowny's ecosystem, all parties involved get rewarded

  • Make your business prosper by growing a strong and highly engaged brand community that drives sales, repeat purchases and word-of-mouth marketing

  • Leverage the analytics and results-driven features of our platform to always reach the right person with the right message at the right time

  • Distribute rewards efficiently, safely and transparently to make your community thrive. Provide direct value with crypto and loyalty points

Why crowny

What makes us unique

Privacy & security

User data is always anonymized. Private information is only accessible to the users, no one else

Crypto & Loyalty

Combining crypto and branded loyalty points is unique. Build a positive brand image by rewarding your brand community

Data science

Make data-driven decisions with consumer insights to improve marketing strategies and finetune campaigns

Off- and online

Combine off- and online loyalty marketing to accomplish the best return on investment for your business

Perfect for everyone

Whether your business goal is brand awareness, customer loyalty, or employee satisfaction - we’ve got you covered

Designed for you

Your marketing team can immediately start a campaign and engage with your community. Our portal is easy to use, try it out!

Loyalty program software

Built on Solana blockchain

Low cost and scalable

This blockchain is well-known for extremely low costs per transaction and limitless scalability for years to come. Ideally suitable for businesses of the future

Fast for everyone

Our cutting-edge software is all about speed. Solana is the fastest blockchain around. It’s perfect for instantly processing massive amounts of micro-transactions

Safe & Decentralized

Our blockchain-based loyalty program software is decentralized and distributed, making it incredibly safe. Your loyalty program will be unstoppable


One transaction equals less energy than two Google searches. Minimizing your environmental impact is essential for the world and your brand image

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