Web3 Loyalty App

Built on Solana, for Shopify brands

Launch a loyalty program for your brand in our app! Scan or click the QR code with your smartphone to explore our test program.

Loyalty Deal in the Crowny App.
Your Brand Loyalty Card in the Crowny App.
Earn CRWNY pill.
Earn Loyalty Points pill.

Crowny App

Discover what sets us apart from other loyalty program apps on Shopify.

Branded loyalty programs
Highly efficient
Branded loyalty programs

Users are tired of juggling a gazillion loyalty apps. Brands can’t commit to high upfront development costs. We solved both with our ‘super’ app.


Leverage personalized rewards to entice your community and get repeat purchases, fostering brand loyalty and improving lifetime value.

Highly efficient

With our web3 loyalty system on Solana, we leverage on-chain rewards and NFTs for unmatched efficiency and UX.

Branded Loyalty Programs in the Crowny App.
Cashback Reward in the Crowny App.
Mint and Join a Loyalty Card in the Crowny App.

Launch your program in seconds

Branded loyalty programs.
Automated program builder

Scrape your Shopify branding and build your program instantly.

Crowny App Preferences.
Plug and play

Pre-designed modules ensure you can start immediately.

Crowny App Celebration.
Seamless integration

Our mobile app and web portal integrate with your systems.

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