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The problem

Your Shopify store is missing out on revenue and community engagement

Reduced customer loyalty

Users are overwhelmed by countless apps. 46% are more likely to switch brands than a decade ago.

Expensive customer acquisition

Acquiring a new customer costs 5x more than retaining one. The high expenses drain resources.

Declining customer lifetime value

75% of e-commerce customers leave after their first purchase, impacting long-term profitability.

The solution

Launch your in-app loyalty program

Customizable ‘super’ app
Tiered loyalty programs
Omnichannel incentives
Customizable ‘super’ app

Simplify participation and bundle brands' power to reduce app fatigue and boost activity.

Tiered loyalty programs

Deepen loyalty with custom tiers and automated rewards based on purchases and engagement.

Omnichannel incentives

Reward across various channels so users can earn, shop and save again, increasing cart values and recurring revenue.

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Stop burning budget

Start retaining customers

Customer loyalty
Repeat purchases
Brand advocacy
Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers

Captivate customers and make conversions count by launching a dynamic brand environment for your store.

  • checkmark.svgSend automated post-purchase email invitations

  • checkmark.svgInstantly welcome new members with a reward

  • checkmark.svgEngage with personalized content and messaging

Maximize lifetime value of existing customers

Buy, earn, claim, repeat: get shoppers in your loyalty loop to grow recurring revenue sustainably for your Shopify store.

  • checkmark.svgIncentivize engagement to maximize delivery

  • checkmark.svgCapitalize with automated, personalized deals

  • checkmark.svgLeverage behavioral insights to optimize experiences

Incentivize content creation and social sharing

Customer value consists of more than purchases. Leverage strategic incentives to reward members that provide value.

  • checkmark.svgReward UGC to benefit from the creator economy

  • checkmark.svgEncourage program members to increase your reach

  • checkmark.svgBoost visibility through word-of-mouth and social proof

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  • checkmark icon transparent. Drive recurring sales
  • checkmark icon transparent. Personalize touchpoints
  • checkmark icon transparent. Increase retention rates
  • checkmark icon transparent. Provide exclusive benefits
  • checkmark icon transparent. Boost customer engagement
  • checkmark icon transparent. Save on acquisition costs
  • checkmark icon transparent. Improve customer lifetime values
  • checkmark icon transparent. Leverage community insights
  • checkmark icon transparent. Create a positive brand image
  • checkmark icon transparent. Enrich shopping experiences
  • checkmark icon transparent. Build consumer trust
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Seamless integration

Our platform connects with your system for a frictionless experience

Betterbrand Logo.

At Betterbrand, we pride ourselves on hiring the best people and working with the best possible partners. As we began looking for a rewards program, we went into our network and found Crowny, an incredible team that could help bring our vision to life.

Our dearest doctor.
Dr. Chris Jackson
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