$CRWNY is Crowny's ecosystem token

Our ecosystem token plays a key role in the platform. Besides its platform utility, $CRWNY is also publicly tradable. Learn more about trading, holding and earning!

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$CRWNY coin.
Circulating supply
≈ 700 mln
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Total supply
≈ 813 mln

$CRWNY exchanges

The $CRWNY token is available on Raydium, Jupiter and other aggregators. We made a brief overview of the differences so you can quickly make your decision.




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*DCA, or Dollar-Cost Averaging, is a way to invest at regular intervals (e.g. monthly).
Discover how to use Jupiter DCA.

Using an exchange

There are a few ways to trade tokens like $CRWNY. Investors can swap on Raydium, and use DCA, swap or limit orders for $CRWNY on Jupiter. Here's how it works.

DEXs and aggregators

Investors can use a decentralized exchange (DEX) or aggregator to trade and earn. Our token is currently available on Raydium, Jupiter and other aggregators. On both platforms, tokens like $CRWNY can be acquired by swapping with $USDC or $SOL, among other options. A wallet is required to interact with an exchange of this sort, as well as a sufficient $SOL balance to fund the transaction (often less than $0.01 in $SOL required). To perform transactions with any of the mentioned currencies, it is essential to use a wallet that supports Solana tokens.

DEXs Raydium and Jupiter logo's.
Set up your crypto wallet

Popular wallets like Phantom and Solflare are non-custodial wallets compatible with Solana tokens. Using a non-custodial wallet is generally regarded as one of the safest and easiest ways to manage your tokens. To be even safer, a hardware wallet (or ‘cold wallet’) can be used. Setting up a crypto wallet is usually free of charge, hardware wallets typically cost anywhere from $50 to $150. Make sure to test if your chosen wallet supports our token: we recommend performing a test transaction with a small amount.

Wallets Phantom and Solflare.

Step-by-step guide

Let's have a look at how to use wallets Phantom and Solflare to acquire crypto. Also, discover guides of the various platforms for up-to-date instructions.

Step 1: create a wallet

Create a wallet using one of these guides

Create a Phantom wallet, or
Create a Solflare wallet

Which one do you choose? They’re both good. Phantom is the most popular wallet on Solana, and Solflare is regarded as the best Solana-only wallet.

Step 2: add funds to the wallet

Transfer $SOL to your wallet,

Buy $SOL on your Phantom wallet, or
Buy $SOL on your Solflare wallet

It’s also possible to swap $SOL for $CRWNY directly. Even though this might be quicker, transaction costs may be higher.

Step 3: acquire $USDC

Transfer $USDC to your wallet, or connect your wallet and swap $SOL for $USDC:

Through a swap on Raydium, or
Through a swap on Jupiter

Important: a sufficient $SOL balance is required to pay transaction fees, so don’t convert your entire amount to $USDC. We suggest keeping about 0.1 $SOL in your wallet for this- and potential future transactions.

Step 4: swap $USDC for $CRWNY

Swap $USDC for your desired $CRWNY amount:

Through a swap on Raydium, or
Through a swap on Jupiter

Make sure you select the right trading pair! The above links should guide you straight to USDC/CRWNY on Raydium, or USDC/CRWNY on Jupiter.

Step 5 (optional): use a hardware wallet

Ledger is the most well-known hardware wallet

Set up Ledger with Phantom, or
Set up Ledger with Solflare

Should you want to do some more research, there are other wallets available. Keystone is an example of a hardware wallet compatible with Phantom and Solflare.


Never share your private key
Always make sure to back up your private key

Do not interact with unknown tokens
Do treat all unsolicited tokens like scams

Learn more about wallet safety best practices.

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