April’s Monthly Recap ‘24

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Crowny Updates • May 9, 2024 • By Eric Liefting • 6 min read
April’s Monthly Recap ‘24 Cover Photo.

Kanpai Pandas is an official partner, Quincy has been busy and we reached an incredible milestone with our platform development. Discover April’s Monthly Recap!

Our progress

As we continue to finetune our platform to meet our standards and the requirements from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Shopify App Store, it’s mindblowing to see how far we’ve come. At the end of this month, we hit the biggest milestone in our progress so far. More on that later. First, we celebrated the three-year anniversary of the launch of the Crowny token. Our CEO, Quincy, took to X to reflect on our most significant milestones and achievements. Be sure to give it a quick read! 

Highlights include:

  • Choosing our blockchain

  • First round of raising funds

  • Navigating the bear market

  • Getting more skin in the game

  • Pivoting from a B2C to a B2B strategy

  • “App-powered loyalty and rewards platform”

  • Shopify plugin for seamless onboarding

  • Partnership with Betterbrand and Kanpai Pandas

📌 Discover Quincy’s post on X

Kanpai Pandas

It is safe to say that we are nearing the end of our pre-release development phase. As our platform begins to take its final shape, we as a team are in a stronger position to showcase our platform's capabilities to potential partners. The results are immediate: we are incredibly proud to have officially announced Kanpai Pandas as our partner!

Kanpai Pandas and Crowny partnership announcement

Kanpai Pandas partnered with us to enhance its Shopify-powered e-commerce store named Kanpai Collective, using our loyalty platform and Shopify integration. The platform's features allow Kanpai to offer exclusive benefits and rewards, with the main goal of enhancing the experience for shoppers, thereby increasing customer loyalty. 

“Kanpai Collective fans can look forward to innovative loyalty rewards as we pioneer the future of Web3 loyalty with our latest partner!” - Kanpai Pandas on X


Quincy’s travels

While the Crowny team was working hard as ever behind the scenes, Quincy was out and about to spread the word on how much we’ve progressed and what the people can expect in anticipation of our platform release. Whenever Quincy goes abroad, you know he will be busy meeting like-minded individuals in the crypto and e-commerce space. In the previous recap, we detailed his visit to BUIDL and Eth Seoul in South Korea. 


Quincy continued his travels by heading off to Dubai in light of the TOKEN2049 event. He got to meet some friends and make several new friends along the way. Dubai is becoming a significant hub for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, making it an attractive destination for crypto project team members for several reasons. The journey had an interesting start as Dubai met with extreme weather conditions, resulting in floods throughout the city. Quincy shared an update while he was having a great night with friends like RookieXBT.

quincy watching real madrid with rookiexbt in dubai

Quincy met up with some Kanpai Pandas representatives in Dubai, and not the least. Icebagz is a leading figure in the Kanpai Panda team. He’s active in promoting and discussing various aspects related to Kanpai Pandas and broader Web3 topics, often sharing insights, and updates, and engaging with the community related to digital collectables and blockchain technology. He’s actively involved in project like Raini Studios, Platinum Fights and Overdogs Podcast as well. 

quincy and icebagz from kanpai pandas

We also recently announced a NEAR Foundation investment in Crowny. Check out the official announcement in case you missed it. Some of the NEAR team members could also be found in Dubai, so it made sense to meet those guys as well. Here is a photo of Quincy with Cade Bergmann, who provides content for NEARweek.

quincy and cade in dubai

In case you follow Quincy on X, you've already seen plenty of cool pictures of the most flamboyant dishes coming along. His trip to Dubai was no exception: he shared a picture of his dinner with an epic company. Quincy was joined by the likes of Daan Crypto, PostyXBT, Charles Read, loldefi, CryptopepperP and Adam Craigmile. Make sure you check these guys out!

One of the latest additions to the functionalities of the Crowny Platform is the possibility for program hosts to harness AI’s potential in several ways. The amount of ideas we have on the implementation of additional AI-related capacity is staggering. Our enthusiasm on the potential for our platform gets even more fuel when we meet with thought leaders on the topic within our industry. Whit Gibbs is one of them. Quincy met with him at a boat party, organized by RookieXBT and J. N. Silva.

quincy and whitgibbs on boat party in dubai

Behind-the-scenes developments

It has been a relatively quiet month for Crowny on social media. We have prioritised sharing only the most important updates on our progress. That doesn't mean we've been sitting still. Call it the ‘silence before the storm’, if you will. Here are a few things we have been working on over the past month. Without going into too much technical detail, key topics include cNFTs, Solana Pay and AI integrations, as well as an incredibly exciting surprise in collaboration with one of our newest partners. Keep an eye on our socials to find out what that will be! 

What’s next?

Perhaps this time it's better to show you, rather than tell you:

crowny app waiting for review in apple app store

At the start of May we submitted, what we believe to be, the final version of the Crowny App. We are confident it’s the final version since we implemented all the feedback we received, and we expect to receive no further remarks. Everything is polished, and everything clicks. 

“After numerous updates and feedback, we've just submitted what should be the FINAL version of the Crowny App! Approval loading... ⏳📱” - Quincy on X

We are incredibly excited to move forward, and we want to thank each of you for being such an integral part of this journey. Get ready for a new chapter with Crowny, where everything is about to come alive in spectacular fashion. Here's to our collective success and the amazing experiences we're about to unleash together! Stay tuned 👇