Monthly Recap May ‘24

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Crowny Updates • Jun 6, 2024 • By Eric Liefting • 4 min read
Monthly Recap May ‘24.

Catch up on our exciting developments in May: app updates, the announcement of the Crowny Store, partnerships and the final steps towards our grand release!

Product development and new features

You know we don’t shy away from sharing our progress with small glimpses behind the scenes. Discover the sneak peek of new designs for the Crowny App, showcasing features that allow users to personalize their profiles by changing nicknames and adding photos. These updates empower users to customize the app to reflect their individual preferences. Looking ahead, these enhancements pave the way for exciting new features. Think of gamification elements like leaderboards, which promise to elevate user engagement and enjoyment. 

Leaderboards in the Crowny App sneak peek

We demonstrate creating earning rules in the Crowny Portal. It illustrates how effortlessly e-commerce brands set up customized rules for loyalty program members to earn blockchain-based loyalty points.

Kanpai Collective

As the Kanpai Collective community members get closer to being among the first to experience our platform, we continue to build anticipation by offering glimpses of what’s to come. One exciting reveal is the new loyalty card design featuring the Kanpai Collective loyalty program. Take a look!

Kanpai Collective loyalty card in the Crowny App

They turned to X to gather insights from their community, seeking to further understand what the audience was looking for. The responses were insightful and will undoubtedly help shape the Kanpai Collective loyalty program to truly connect with the community's needs, setting the stage for a successful launch!

Kanpai Pandas poll about kanpai collective loyalty program

Here’s a glimpse of how the team at Kanpai Pandas will be able to launch promotions like these within the Crowny App, utilizing the Crowny Portal.

Managing promotions in the Crowny Portal

To top it off, Kanpai Pandas shared a stunning promotional video of the Crowny App. This video gave Kanpai Collective community members their first real impression of what the loyalty program might look like. 

“Since Kanpai Collective is on Shopify, we can provide a seamless experience with our plug-in to elevate the shopping experience to heights no NFT brand has gone before. Together, we aim to redefine what loyalty means in the NFT space, and you're at the heart of it all.” Crowny on X

Crowny Store

Our very own Shopify store is set to launch soon, bringing a practical demonstration of our loyalty program’s capabilities. The primary goal is to establish a loyalty program for our Shopify store that will allow us to give potential clients a chance to experience the customer journey and provide tangible examples of what the platform is capable of. 

Crowny Store preview

Our progress

As the platform is closer than ever to its final form, the team has started claiming its spot in the market by providing platform demos to potential clients. Recently, we also had the opportunity to give a presentation to influential figures from several major traditional businesses. Companies included EY, AFM, KPMG, DNB, ING and more, increasing the awareness of our brand among top players in various industries. 

Quincy suit presentation

He elaborated on our strategy for onboarding users from web2 into web3, explaining why loyalty is a robust web3 use case and discussing how our platform functions. Topics we tapped into were the contributions of NEAR and Solana in terms of AI, scalability, speed, and cNFTs, as well as the role of $CRWNY and its benefits for both consumers and businesses.

What’s next

In the previous recap, we shared the submission of, what we believe to be, the final version of the Crowny App to the Apple App Store. We look forward to getting the approval and are working tirelessly on new features in the meantime. 

We are immensely proud of our accomplishments, including the significant progress we’ve made with the platform and the incredible partnerships we’ve announced, such as Betterbrand and Kanpai Pandas. Prepare for a new era with Crowny, where everything is set to burst into life in remarkable ways. Stay tuned 👇