How omnichannel marketing strategies could be leveraged even more

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Oct 4, 2022 • 8 min read
omnichannel marketing - combining mobile marketing and blockchain for better strategies with Crowny.

Omnichannel marketing describes a business strategy covering multiple contact channels with the consumer. Read on to discover more about this technique, its benefits, how it can help your business thrive, and how Crowny will transform the omnichannel marketing strategy of tomorrow.

Table of contents:

✅ What is omnichannel marketing?
✅ Why omnichannel marketing?
✅ Seamless brand experiences
✅ Omnichannel marketing benefits
✅ Enriching strategies with new technologies
✅ Benefits Crowny brings to omnichannel marketing strategies
✅ The perfect marketing strategy

What is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that companies use to connect with and persuade customers across multiple channels. It is an integrated approach that uses a combination of sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. The goal is to engage customers across all their preferred touchpoints, such as their computer, mobile device, or in-store. It allows you to optimize your customer journey and ensure a seamless process, regardless of the way the customer chooses to interact with your brand. This is also the main element that sets it apart from more traditional ways of doing marketing. Here’s the difference between omnichannel and multichannel marketing, and their predecessors:

☑️ Traditional. Physical shopping and marketing
☑️ E-Commerce. Online shopping and online marketing
☑️ Multichannel. Various channels, but not connected with each other
☑️ Omnichannel. Integrated, seamless experience for your customer across different channels, devices, and a lot of touchpoints

Why omnichannel marketing?

Digital marketing is a fast-paced world. If you don’t keep up with the changing trends, you’ll be left behind. Thanks to the rise of social media and mobile technology, consumers now have more control over where and when they purchase goods. As a result, retail businesses need to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy, that includes social media marketing, to stay relevant and enhance business performance. Did you know for example, that companies that leverage omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies that don’t? (source)

Seamless brand experiences

Put simply, it’s the seamless connection between all your different marketing channels. Common marketing channels include websites, social media, email marketing, and ads. For example, a customer might start their journey on your website by reading product reviews and then decide to purchase the product directly from your site. Another customer may find your product through an ad and then purchase the product through their preferred method, such as Amazon, or with a coupon code. Omnichannel marketing allows you to leverage one customer journey across all your sales channels. 

Omnichannel marketing benefits

Achieving a seamless push and pull between all sales channels is no easy feat. It requires a strategic, integrative approach to marketing, sales, and customer experience management across all channels. Nonetheless, the benefits of omnichannel marketing are impossible to ignore.  

Some of the most notable benefits include: 

☑️ High-performance sales 
☑️ Better customer satisfaction
☑️ Quality customer retention
☑️ Improved brand consistency
☑️ Enhanced customer data management
☑️ Saved time and money
☑️ Improved marketing ROI 

High-performance sales 

Customers who are satisfied with the overall experience are more likely to purchase from you again and bring new customers on board. With a consistent experience across multiple channels, customers will trust you more and be more likely to complete the sale.

Better customer retention

As mentioned above, satisfied customers are more likely to come back to shop with you again. They also have a tendency to recommend your brand to their friends and family members, which brings new customers to your business.

Quality customer retention

Poor customer service or inconsistent experiences across various sales channels can cost businesses a lot of money in lost revenue. With a consistent omnichannel experience, customers are less likely to walk away from your brand.

Improved brand consistency

Consistency is a crucial part of creating a positive brand image that resonates with customers. With an omnichannel marketing strategy, you can ensure that everything from your website design to your social media posts is consistent across all channels.

Enhanced customer data management

With a single database that includes customer data, you can better understand your customers and tailor your marketing efforts to suit their needs.

Saved time and money 

With an omnichannel marketing strategy, you can streamline your efforts and avoid duplicating efforts across different channels.

Improved marketing ROI 

With consistent efforts across all channels, you have more opportunities to connect with customers and earn their trust. All of those customer acquisition costs add up quickly, but consistent marketing efforts across various channels can help you generate new leads that become paying customers.

Companies that leverage omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies that don’t

Enriching strategies with new technologies

With mobile marketing, there’s a whole new set of possibilities available to boost marketing strategies like never before. Text messaging, mobile apps, and other mobile marketing campaigns are ways of optimizing the customer journey in the most profitable phase for businesses, the loyalty and advocacy phase. Email marketing is also a channel that focuses on this area. However, all these alternatives come with their own set of issues. Crowny is a solution that tackles these issues and adds value to any marketing strategy. With the emerging blockchain technology, combined with the growing possibilities for mobile marketing, Crowny is able to transform loyalty marketing for many businesses. The goal is to bring all its loyalty program benefits to every business that aims to generate more results.

The benefits Crowny brings to omnichannel marketing strategies  

Here are some benefits the platform has to offer:

☑️ Focus on the most important phase in the customer journey
☑️ Efficient system for a better ROI
☑️ Incentivized cross-channel enhancement
☑️ Combination of online and offline channels
☑️ Community insights usable across all channels

Focus on the most important phase in the customer journey

Crowny is the newest option in the omnichannel marketing strategy for any business. With a highly efficient transactional system and results-driven features, it’s the ultimate tool to realize the best customer retention rates. 

Efficient system for a better ROI

With the loyalty and marketing platform built on blockchain technology, rewarding your community with microtransactions is efficient and scalable. Using tokenized economies, the platform can provide a use case to nearly every business to optimize its loyalty and marketing efforts.

Incentivized cross-channel enhancement

In good omnichannel marketing strategies of today, the channels are aligned and well-coordinated with each other, but don’t enhance each other. In Crowny’s platform, users are incentivized to stay up-to-date, but also to share the message on different marketing channels.

Combination of online and offline channels

Online and offline marketing can be aligned, but should also work together. Crowny’s platform offers an incentivized way of engaging with offline marketing objects in physical stores. For example, a user could be attracted to a store with GPS-based messaging. The user is able to scan a QR code after making a purchase to receive a reward for his visit and conversion.

Community insights usable across all channels

Combining marketing with loyalty is essential for a successful long-term strategy, and can be accomplished with the Crowny platform like no other. The platform offers a way for businesses to implement their own blockchain-based loyalty rewards. These rewards have huge advantages compared to traditional loyalty rewards. The fact that they are trackable, for example, is one of the many differences between crypto loyalty programs vs traditional loyalty programs. The data which is gathered from this could provide unique insights into a business's most relevant target audience. This data could be used to optimize multiple marketing campaigns. 

The perfect marketing strategy

As you can see, omnichannel marketing is a complex and comprehensive strategy. It's exactly why so many businesses struggle to achieve success with it. In order to successfully implement an omnichannel marketing strategy, you must have the right tools and resources in place. 

With Crowny, you can boost all channels in the strategy and focus on the audience that matters to your business. Easily track your customers’ journey and tailor your marketing efforts to suit their needs for better performance in your entire marketing mix. With Crowny, you make your community and business thrive with the perfect marketing strategy. 

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