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Crowny Updates • Dec 7, 2023 • By Eric Liefting • 8 min read
monthly recap november 2023.

Explore our November monthly recap, covering Solana Breakpoint, NEARCon, more events, $CRWNY’s surge, the incredible support we received and what’s next!

Solana Breakpoint in Amsterdam

November brought some serious thrills for Crowny at the Solana Breakpoint event. Join us as we rewind the tape and unpack the highlights.

solana breakpoint 2023


The excitement began with the kickoff spearheaded by Eric, our marketer, and Friso, our former intern. They dived headfirst into the Solana Breakpoint experience by attending the Claynosaurz event, one of the most popular NFT projects. During the event, the atmosphere was electric. Claynosaurz’s grand reveal emerged as the main highlight, sparking incredible excitement amongst attendees.  

Eric and Friso also had the privilege of meeting some of the great minds behind the project. In the image below you can see them meeting up with Nicholas Cabana. ‘Cab’ is Co-Founder & Creative Director of Claynosaurz, and an accomplished animation veteran. He has played key roles in The Suicide Squad, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Paddington 2 and more. Cab's extensive experience was evident in the insightful conversation we had with him. 

cab friso eric - claynosaurz x crownyCab, Friso and Eric at the Claynosaurz event

Events & networking

As Solana Breakpoint unfolded, Quincy, our CEO, and Inna, Business Development, attended various speaking events. As they settled into their seats, surrounded by a diverse group of blockchain enthusiasts, the insights and energy of the various speakers made it so there wasn’t a dull moment. Props to the speakers!

quincy inna attending a speaking event at breakpoint Solana Breakpoint Speaking Event 

With their knack for networking, Quincy and Inna seized the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals during breaks between sessions. A chance encounter with a blockchain thought leader sparked a lively discussion about the potential synergies between Crowny's vision and the broader Web3 ecosystem. These interactions added another layer of excitement to the Solana Breakpoint experience!

quincy and shi from solana foundation Quincy and Shi (Grants and Capital at Solana Foundation) at Breakpoint

While Inna and Quincy were representing the team, the rest of the Crowny team held down the fort, ensuring that the daily operations and deadlines were met. Eric showed off his multitasking skills by participating in the live stream of the event while working. 

eric at the crowny office breakpoint livestreamEric's POV at the Crowny office

Food for thought

We decided to provide some food for thought in light of the event. Sharing insights into why revolutionizing customer loyalty is only possible on Solana resulted in great discussions during the events. Mission accomplished! In case you missed it: our software's foundation on Solana is highlighted, emphasizing why this blockchain is uniquely suited to fulfill Crowny's ambitious promises. 

Why revolutioninzing customer loyalty is Only Possible On Solana infographic

Short on time? Discover the TL;DR! 

Looking back

As we wrapped up our Solana Breakpoint journey, Quincy took to LinkedIn to share his recap. The prospect of forging lasting connections and capitalizing on the knowledge gained at Solana Breakpoint fuels our anticipation for the future. 

Quincy and Inna at Solana Breakpoint 2023Quincy and Inna at Solana Breakpoint 2023


Another exciting event! NEARCon was amazing and featured Quincy as one of the speakers at the flagship event in Lisbon. That’s right, we went back to the city where we tested our beta app for the first time with a live audience! Great memories indeed. He expressed his excitement about the thought-provoking panel on reinventing loyalty in Web3 alongside industry experts. 

He later shared his NEARCon highlights as well, emphasizing blockchain's role in meeting the rising demand for transparent and cost-effective loyalty programs, and our vision for a unified loyalty experience. 

Quincy speaking at NEARConQuincy speaking at NEARCon

More events!

We didn’t stop there. 


Inna and Eric also represented Crowny at the Dutch Blockchain Week's closing event. Applauding the success of BCNL Foundation, we expressed gratitude and anticipation for more gatherings next year, hinting at our upcoming platform release.



Meanwhile, in the e-commerce realm, we delved into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy. Acknowledging Shopify's record-breaking $9.3B in global sales (up 24% from 2022) BFCM sales, we extended congratulations to our soon-to-be app store. In advance of the event we encouraged all Shopify merchants to optimize their strategy using our dedicated blog on Black Friday, Cyber Monday for Shopify to perform well during the event.

$CRWNY’s surge

In November, $CRWNY made massive maves. We started the month at $0.00216 per token. At the end of the month, our token managed to break the magical $0.01 barrier, even reaching a price higher than $0.011! Growing from $0.00216 to $0.011 is a price increase of 409%, in just one month. An incredible month for us, and especially for all of our loyal holders. Congratulations to you all! 

CRWNY on CoinGecko in November 2023$CRWNY on CoinGecko in November 2023

See for yourself on CoinGecko, where our most accurate token metrics can be found. 

$CRWNY token insights

In response to the notable surge in token price, we seized the moment to unveil insights in a blog article ‘$CRWNY Token: Embracing the Value of Loyalty in Web3”. Within the article, we delve into the token's utility for customer loyalty in Web3. Exploring updated tokenomics, market statistics, and the dynamic flow within the Crowny ecosystem, the article provides a comprehensive overview for all existing and new holders of $CRWNY.

crwny token - value of loyalty in web3

Short on time? Discover the TL;DR! 

Why are you bullish on $CRWNY?

Additionally, we tapped into the pulse of our community, posing a crucial question: ‘Why are you bullish on $CRWNY?’ The poll results echoed the sentiments of our community, with 51.1% expressing optimism for the platform launch, showcasing the anticipation surrounding our imminent milestones. Comments underneath the post also provided us with all the fuel necessary to become even more enthusiastic than we already were!

why are you bullish on crwny

Our community has played a pivotal role in raising awareness about our potential and upcoming milestones by engaging under influencers' posts. These efforts are vital for both short and long-term success, we can not emphasize that enough! 

Quincy has crafted a brief piece explaining how our platform works, providing our community with a simple copy-paste tool to spread the message across platforms. This collaborative initiative, driven by our community's passion, strengthens our impact in the Web3 landscape. 

Incredible support

In addition to the incredible support from our dedicated community, we have been fortunate to garner backing from some prominent figures in the space, which we are very grateful for. Here are some examples of $CRWNY mentions by influencers from this month.

“More and more $CRWNY on my timeline. Just the beginning💪” - Quincy on X

To top it all off, we also got featured prominently in an article titled "Solana Ecosystem Projects for Exploration in 2024." This recognition underscores the potential of our Web3 loyalty platform within the Solana ecosystem!

What’s next?


In our previous monthly recap, we hinted at our platform's potential to lead the e-commerce loyalty industry and announced the official submission of our mobile app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simultaneously, our platform awaits the final checks at Shopify. While we're eagerly anticipating approval, we’re already gearing up for the next steps, working on a sales deck to kickstart our sales efforts and further scale our business. As we await these pivotal milestones we're diligently preparing for the much-anticipated release.

How’s the new sales deck looking? 


In another exciting development, we've let the cat out of the bag and announced our first major partner, Betterbrand. With thousands of customers, this partnership is a dream come true for us. 

While we eagerly await app store approvals, work is already underway on the next update, packed with new features for our platform. The journey ahead is promising, with fresh prospects in our pipeline and a major partnership setting the stage for Crowny's ascent in the e-commerce loyalty landscape. 

Stay tuned for more updates and milestones on our horizon 👇