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Crowny Updates • Nov 18, 2021 • 5 min read
The new Crowny website.

Your community is our target and everyone's reward. Check out the new 'Crowny for business' website.

We have published a new business-oriented environment on our website. We are gearing up to onboard several businesses that are looking to make the most out of their community. We have demonstrated that the Crowny App is very capable of doing this. The Solana Breakpoint Lisbon loyalty program has been a great example of this, as mentioned in this article. This event has allowed us to showcase all the features of the Crowny App, for example by directing attendees to certain events by sending out push notifications based on geofences. In order to inform all businesses about the endless possibilities we have to offer, we decided to expand our website. We are bringing our website to the level that matches the growth we’ve experienced so far!

Your community is our target and everyone’s reward

We encourage you to read up on our vision and progress if you haven’t already. You can do so by checking out the articles below.

The Crowny App boosts business performances

The Crowny Platform as a whole has two audiences. The businesses and the users. The Crowny Portal is the perfect tool for all businesses to start creating their own loyalty program. The portal can be used to both monitor and optimise the loyalty program performances. Communities of all businesses can be onboarded in the Crowny App easily, for them to enjoy the content that connected businesses provide them with. App users had the opportunity to test the Crowny App publicly for the first time last week, during the Solana Breakpoint event in Lisbon. You can find the latest update on what happened during the event right here. The Breakpoint Loyalty Program has been a massive success. The results of this program have been the perfect confirmation that the Crowny App works the way it should, and generates the results we expect. The vast majority of the feedback we received has been very positive, praising the operational features and smoothness of the Crowny App. This has given us the confirmation we needed to continue engaging with businesses, in order to work on tailored solutions that fit the organisations perfectly. The possibilities are endless, our SaaS solution is suitable for nearly any business you can think of. We are beyond excited for this phase in our journey, as we are on the verge of proving that Crowny is a must-have for all businesses!

Crowny for business

We decided it would only make sense to create a website environment that truly connects with businesses. The website update that has been published today does just that. Businesses can now get informed on our website about the value we can add to their organisation. As businesses are lining up to be onboarded in our platform, we are making sure that the experience for these businesses is nothing less than superior. Once we have implemented a series of partner loyalty programs on our platform, the experience for Crowny App users will also continue to improve. The expansion of our website ensures that businesses will receive all the context they need to get as excited as we are. The website update we published today also ensures that business representatives are able to sign-up for consultation via our domain as well. This puts them in the position to get to know the benefits of a tailored Crowny solution, specifically designed to bring their business performance to the next level!

What’s next for the Crowny platform?

Even though we surpassed several important milestones recently, we are not slowing down whatsoever. Having published the business-oriented environment on our website today, we intend to keep moving forward with our developments at a fast pace as we have so far. Part of these developments consists of our website being regularly updated over the next couple of months. This will ensure that both businesses and app users will have all the context they need to enjoy the best experience we could provide you with.

Crowny Portal

Also, we are finalising the deployment of the Crowny Portal as we speak. Currently, we are running several tests in order to have a perfectly functioning portal ready for businesses to use. Our partners will be able to create their own loyalty program. Within a custom loyalty program, businesses can start creating original rewards for their community members. By allowing app users to collect Crowny tokens and branded loyalty points based on their interactions, it is ensured that the most valuable customers will get rewarded.

By sending out branded content like notifications, businesses can reach their target audience with great efficiency. The scheduling of events, combined with geofencing marketing and QR-codes will highly stimulate offline performances as well. Real-time analytics are displayed in the Crowny Portal to put businesses in a position to improve on their strategies. The Crowny platform will increase the involvement of existing and new customers with your business significantly, with unparalleled conversion as a result.

In conclusion, we have accomplished a lot already and there is so much more to come. Make sure to check out the new website, and let us know what you think!

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