Introducing Crowny

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Crowny Updates • Apr 3, 2021 • 4 min read
Introducing Crowny.

Crowny offers a loyalty and marketing solution that consists of a brand-new portal and app.

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  1. ☑️Why Crowny?
  2. ☑️What Crowny Offers
  3. ☑️Loyalty System Built On Solana

The platform allows users to interact and engage with their favorite brands in new ways while rewarding loyal customers and ensuring that brands reach a larger target audience. Based on their chosen preferences, users receive relevant content and offers while earning Crowny tokens ($CRWNY) and brand loyalty points by engaging with these brands.

Why Crowny?

The biggest challenges of the advertising world include reduced exposure, increasing costs, and elusive audiences. With all these issues in mind, the average person still spends over three and half hours on their phone per day and annoying ads are something we can all relate to. You can see them everywhere when browsing the internet or scrolling through your favorite social media platforms. In most cases, they keep you from doing the thing you were aiming to do and simply annoy you.

However, this does not mean that you would want to block every single ad. Approximately 68% of consumers have said that they are fine with seeing ads as long as they remain relevant. This number would be even higher if the ads would include some kind of reward. But most people can agree that most of the time, ads are both irrelevant and worthless.

Most of the ads shown to consumers end up as a waste of money and time. Brands are not able to target the right audiences, thus ad budgets do not have sufficient results when you take all the intermediaries into account, as well as the fact that at least 50% of ad impressions go unseen, and that, on average, 46% of ads are poorly targeted.

To summarize, consumers want relevant ads, and brands could benefit from better targeting and lower costs. Crowny offers a solution that will be beneficial to all parties, especially since advertisements influence 90% of consumers before making a purchase.

How Does Crowny Solve This?

Crowny has created a new platform within the world of advertising. A platform that will allow brands to create effective campaigns to reach the audiences who are enticed to listen to their message. Users will be able to connect to their favorite brands through a smartphone application, without the risk of privacy breaches.

What Crowny Offers

The flow of the Crowny platform.

Crowny Loyalty Program Platform Ecosystem

  • A smartphone app that enables users to specify their areas of interest and allows them to follow their favorite brands. This gives them control over the type of content and deals they wish to see, and when they want to see it.

  • A secure and private experience via the anonymization of user data.

  • Users will always be rewarded. Not only through the offers they receive, but also for consuming content; paid with $CRWNY tokens and/or brand loyalty points.

  • To advertisers the possibility to reach out to consumers in several ways, including push notifications, geofencing, and QR codes. The supplied content also includes interactions and gamification elements. Consumers will be more engaged than ever, which in turn will improve the consumer-brand relationship.

Crowny offers a free loyalty system to business owners where they can incentivize their users with their own loyalty program and also the $CRWNY token. These rewards play a key role in the Crowny platform. Tokens can eventually be converted to (fiat) currencies, used to purchase products, or set aside as they can be held in a wallet.

Loyalty System Built On Solana

The system is built on Solana and offers registered companies their own token program. Crowny works by using encrypted QR codes to perform the operations needed on the program. E.g. when a company wants to reward points to one of their customers, they fill the number of tokens they want to mint, which in turn produces a QR code. This QR code can then be scanned with the mobile application.