Beta App Launch and Solana Breakpoint Lisbon

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Crowny Updates • Nov 4, 2021 • 6 min read
Beta App Launch and Solana Breakpoint Lisbon.

Times are very exciting for everyone affiliated with Crowny. The moment we have been waiting for is here. We are launching the Beta App to the public. Make sure to read this article carefully, and get ready for the launch!

Public Beta App Launch

For the past weeks, the focus has been on developing our core product, the Crowny App. We have reached some great milestones on the way and are forever grateful for the support we’ve received. Now is the time to start rewarding our loyal supporters. There is so much to come for the entire Crowny family! We can’t wait to share everything we have been working on.


The testers have had a chance to test the App. The Crowny team’s dedication in combination with valuable feedback from the testers has resulted in a high-quality platform. We can now say with confidence that we are ready to present the beta version of our App to the public. The App users will be able to join several loyalty programs. There are a lot of brands we will be onboarding in the near future. Therefore, we expect the number of available loyalty programs to grow exponentially over the next couple of months. This is something you don’t want to miss!

Important features of the Crowny App

Even though there are so many ideas for cool app features by the Crowny team and community, the focus has been on finalizing the core features of the App. The following features will be functional upon the public Beta App release.

  • Geofencing. With geofences, we are able to boost offline performances by reaching the target audience with the best timing possible. This will stimulate direct conversion, by sending out a message when a user is close to one of your shops or events, for example.

  • Push notifications. This feature enables us to directly reach the target audience of any brand, with the highest engagement rates possible.

  • QR-codes. Everyone is familiar with QR-codes nowadays. It’s a great way to engage and reward users directly, even offline.

  • Exclusive programs. Users of the App will be able to join exclusive programs in order to earn rewards while enjoying branded content, offers and products.

Use case: Solana Breakpoint event

The first public showcase for the Crowny platform will take place during the Solana Breakpoint event in Lisbon.

  • Geofencing. Once an attendee has entered one of our geofences during specific timeframes, he will receive a notification with the content relevant to the location.

  • Push notifications. For opening the notification the particular user will be rewarded, as he should be for his time and attention. The notifications will contain content provided by our partners and updates regarding the event.

  • QR-codes. Anyone in Lisbon can download the Crowny App via QR-codes provided by the team and shared on our socials too. Once the App is installed, the user can claim his first reward. Moreover, for meeting and speaking with the Crowny team additional rewards will be allocated.

  • Exclusive programs. During the Breakpoint event, the App users will be able to enjoy content related to relevant events. With exclusive offers and benefits, the early adopters will receive unique rewards for their interaction.

Several members of the team will be present in Portugal. We are looking forward to meeting everyone. Can’t make it? No worries! We’ve got something in mind for online fans as well.

What the App users can expect

The app features that are currently implemented in the App can be used in several ways. For the Solana Breakpoint event, we have come up with a couple of ways of using them. Below we have stated some examples that you can expect after landing in Lisbon.

Users that have the Crowny App installed already before landing in Lisbon will receive maximum rewards. For example, once you’ve landed in Lisbon you will receive a notification. The notification will be quite simple. Showing your interaction with the message will ensure your first reward for this loyalty program.

In the past weeks, we have established several partnerships. Some have been communicated, some haven’t. Crowny has officially announced a partnership with Aldrin, as stated in this article. During the Solana Breakpoint event, both parties will be collaborating on a side event. Attendees will be able to enjoy free beers. Scanning the QR-code on your beer cup will result in even more rewards in the form of loyalty points as if free beer isn’t enough!

Meeting the team
As always, we would love to meet everyone involved in the Solana Ecosystem. Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, we have decided to stimulate engagement with the team via rewards. This way you will have no reason to be shy! Chat with the team and you might earn yourself a special reward. This reward can be claimed by scanning a QR-code on one of the team members’ phones. We have also planned a lunch with the CEO and CTO of Crowny, the number of invitations is limited, the details will be shared with the app users later.

Loyalty Points
In conclusion, during the event app users will have multiple opportunities to get rewarded. These rewards will be issued in the form of Loyalty Points. The concept is quite simple; the more Loyalty Points you collect during the Breakpoint week, the more rewards you will be able to receive.

Download the Crowny App and get rewarded

It’s a no-brainer. Download the Crowny App and get rewarded. Whether you are present in Lisbon or not, the upcoming week will be interesting for the app users. It will be the first time the App will be used in public, and we intend to reward early adopters for their support.

‘’So, where can I find the Crowny App?’’

There are multiple ways of downloading the Crowny App, which we have launched on October 6th, 2021. Make sure you visit our homepage to get the right link to the Crowny App suitable for your device. The first loyalty program will be the Solana Breakpoint program. Users present in Lisbon will enjoy fantastic rewards, but users in other locations won’t be forgotten. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Enter your own Crowny realm, and get rewarded.

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