Crowny Partners With Aldrin

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Partnerships & Events • Oct 27, 2021 • 3 min read
crowny partners with aldrin.

Being a part of the Solana ecosystem, Crowny has set a goal of establishing more partnerships within the ecosystem to create the most engaging experiences, as well as provide real value for our partners and users. Today we are announcing another partnership.

Aldrin will be using Crowny’s Loyalty Program and Advertising Portal

We are excited to share that we are partnering up with Aldrin. Aldrin is an ecosystem of DeFi products built on Solana and Serum with the goal of simplifying DeFi and a focus on excellent customer experience. Aldrin has also recently announced the launch of Aldrin AMM DEX and the associated liquidity mining program.

How Are We Collaborating?

Through this partnership, Aldrin will bring more users to the Crowny App. This process will directly start with our first marketing campaign together during Solana Breakpoint in Lisbon. During the event, several geofences will be created around a later-disclosed venue where users are able to meet the founding teams of both companies. In the future, we will look into ways how we can further extend Aldrin’s online presence and share mutually beneficial content.

What Happens Next And How Will It Benefit Aldrin?

After the marketing collaboration during Solana Breakpoint and onboarding the first Aldrin users eager to join the loyalty program Crowny will do an AMA in the Aldrin Telegram channel to explain more details on this so both communities have time to understand the added value it will bring!

In the future, Aldrin users will be able to store, track, send & receive $CRWNY natively on Aldrin Wallet.

Next steps

The next steps are where Aldrin will be using the Crowny Loyalty Program and Advertising Portal, where the users will earn loyalty points for engaging with the content provided by Aldrin, this will allow both companies to grow their online presence as well as increase the number of users.

Also, we have something exciting embedded into QR codes exclusively to celebrate the partnership between Aldrin X Crowny during the Solana Breakpoint Event!


Aldrin will be engaging with the attendees during the Solana Breakpoint, by offering free beers outside of the Ecosystem stage during the conference breaks. Crowny will allow Aldrin to reward people that come to the network during the break and capture a way to continue conversations with the people that attended the event. We are excited about creating a brand new experience together!

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