Monthly Recap | July

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Crowny Updates • Aug 1, 2023 • By Eric Liefting • 7 min read
Monthly Recap | June.

Enjoy our latest recap as we take you on an exciting journey through the milestones and events of this month, and a glimpse into the experiences that await!


We have double the reason to celebrate as we joyfully announce the birthdays of two exceptional team members, Inna and Djilano! 

Their contributions and dedication have been instrumental in shaping our progress so far. Inna's creativity and unwavering commitment have brought a fresh perspective to our projects, while Djilano's technical expertise has powered us through numerous challenges. As we come together to commemorate their special days, we extend our warmest wishes and express gratitude for the positive impact they have on our team and the projects we undertake. Here's to Inna and Djilano – two incredible individuals who make our journey brighter and our achievements even more meaningful!

crowny team - hbd djili and inna

Wish Inna a happy birthday on LinkedIn!
Wish Djilano a happy birthday on LinkedIn!

Social media events

We have been following the intriguing social media events with interest, including Twitter's rebranding to "X," the launch of Threads, and Elon Musk's policy changes addressing data scraping and system manipulation. Join us as we explore these trending topics.

Elon Musk addresses Twitter policy changes
Twitter witnessed a significant policy shift as Elon Musk took action to combat data scraping and system manipulation on the platform. Join the conversation on Twitter (or X) to explore the potential impact on loyalty programs and content campaigns.

Twitter rebrands to X: a new era begins
In a surprising move, Twitter unveiled its rebranding as "X," ushering in a new era for the platform. As industry enthusiasts, we couldn't resist asking our community, "How do you feel about Twitter ▶️ X?" Let us know if you haven’t already, here’s the tweet.

Elon Musk says if done right, X would become half of the global financial system WachterGuru

x logo twitter elon musk

Threads: the new social media contender
Amidst the buzz of social media platforms, Threads emerged as a notable contender. We sparked discussions within our community by sharing insights about this app's data collection practices and potential impact on user privacy. 

the app may collect highly sensitive information about users in order to profile their digital activity — including health and financial data, precise location, browsing history, contacts, search history TechCrunch

In our tweet, we asked you guys if you could guess the platform with this piece of information. Did you get it?

threads vs chatgpt

Protecting users' privacy should be the standard, not a luxury

Solana meets Google Cloud
The partnership between Solana Foundation and Google Cloud caught our attention. We couldn't help but share it with you all! 

solana x google cloud

Spreading the word

Highlighting the transformative capabilities of Crowny and the advantages it brings to businesses is essential for driving the platform's future adoption. During this month's discussions, we explored enlightening topics, focusing on:

  • 6 Strategies to Get UGC Creators in the Web3 Creator Economy

  • Boost Content Engagement with Enhanced Digital Marketing 

  • 10 Key Benefits of NFT Token-Gating for the Loyalty Industry 

6 Strategies to Get UGC Creators in the Web3 Creator Economy

Unearth the identity of UGC creators in modern marketing, explore why Web3 seamlessly aligns with their endeavours, and acquire six essential strategies for your brand's flourishing success. Explore our blog for in-depth insights or quickly grasp the topic with the summary and infographic.

🔗 Here’s the full blog on how to get UGC creators in the web3 creator economy.

📌 For a quick scan, read the infographic and summary on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Infographic 'How to get UGC creators in the Web3 Creator Economy'

Boost Content Engagement with Enhanced Digital Marketing 
Uncover impactful content engagement tactics to captivate your audience and boost interactions. Join us in exploring the path to online success! Delve into our blog for comprehensive insights or get a quick overview with a summary and infographic.

🔗 Here’s the full blog on how to boost content engagement.

📌 For a quick scan, read the infographic and summary on Twitter or LinkedIn.

❗ By request, we shared more details on Twitter afterwards in our thread titled “What the industry is missing”. 

Infographic 'boost content engagement'

10 Key Benefits of NFT Token-Gating for the Loyalty Industry 
While the term 'NFT token-gating' may evoke thoughts of expensive digital images, it's important to recognize that NFT technology extends beyond mere images and holds the power to disrupt numerous industries. Explore our blog for in-depth insights or get a concise overview through the summary and infographic.

🔗 Here’s the full blog on token-gating and the benefits it provides for the loyalty industry.

📌 For a quick scan, read the infographic and summary on Twitter or LinkedIn.

infographic 'nft token-gating for the loyalty industry

Behind-the-scenes & what’s next

In our previous recap, the Monthly Recap of June, we described that we are establishing a strong foundation for our e-commerce integration infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed in a manner that makes it super scalable for our growth in the future. Having finished a large part of the necessities for a fluent integration with Shopify brands, we were able to optimize the end-user experience as well. 

As we are wrapping up the final bits of the platform before we go live, we are closing in on a version that meets the high standards we have set for ourselves. Both technically and visually, we've made great progress behind the scenes, and we can't wait to share it when the time comes. 

Let's briefly discuss the:

  • Website update

  • Market research for pricing

  • Platform pilots

Website update

With the completion of the first live version of our platform, we can also get to work on expanding our website. Right now, the website consists of a somewhat limited amount of web pages: home, app, company pages, blog and some assets. Without going into too much detail, once the platform is ready for its release, we can start producing some sales pages to shed more light on the ins and outs of how everything works - and more. 

Market research for pricing

We also conducted extensive research to determine the optimal pricing strategy for our software upon its launch, considering the prevailing market conditions. Our team diligently analyzed various factors, including customer preferences, competitor pricing models, industry trends, and cost structures in different scenarios. By thoroughly examining these aspects, we aim to set a competitive yet sustainable price that maximizes the value for our customers while ensuring the long-term success of our product in the dynamic market landscape.

Platform pilots

While we are excited about the upcoming pilots we are planning with our partners, it is important to emphasize that we still have some essential steps to complete first. We will continue to actively test, troubleshoot and stress test the product. Only after we pass all rigorous evaluations will we move forward with onboarding real consumers. Due to the delicate nature of our concept of onboarding a brand's most valuable customers, we are very conscious of the fact that we cannot afford too much room for error. An extensive testing phase is therefore much needed to avoid potentially harmful mistakes in advance. When we launch our platform, we aim for the platform to be as bulletproof as possible. 

Your support and enthusiasm mean a lot to us as we work towards providing the best possible end result. We will keep you informed about our progress, as always, and we can't wait to share the final product with our valued community!

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