8 User-Friendly App Features That Make Users Come Back

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Loyalty & Marketing • Jun 27, 2023 • 6 min read
8 User-Friendly App Features That Make Users Come Back.

Discover user-friendly app features that make users come back, why you should pay attention and how to launch a mobile environment for your brand. Let’s start!

Importance of user-friendly app features

Offering user-friendly app features is crucial for businesses that thrive off returning users. User-friendly app features ensure a positive and seamless experience for users. When customers find an app easy to use and navigate, they are more likely to engage with it frequently and for longer durations, increasing their overall loyalty to the brand.

ROI on UX - User-friendly app features

4 key advantages of user-friendly app features for brands

Even though there are many advantages to having your brand represented in a user-friendly app, we managed to narrow it down to 4 main ones. 

These are the most important advantages of user-friendly app features for brands:

  • ☑️Increases engagement

  • ☑️Builds trust and credibility

  • ☑️Encourages repeat usage

  • ☑️Facilitates word-of-mouth recommendations

Increases engagement
User-friendly features encourage users to actively engage with the app. When customers feel that the app is designed to cater to their needs and preferences effortlessly, they are more likely to continue using it, leading to increased user engagement.

Better UI means a 200% conversion rate increase - 99Firms

Builds trust and credibility
An app with user-friendly features reflects a business's commitment to providing a high-quality experience. When users find an app easy to understand, reliable, and consistent, it builds trust in the brand. 

90% of users stopped using an app due to poor performance - TechJury

Encourages repeat app usage
User-friendly app features contribute to repeat usage of the app. When customers find value in the features, they are more likely to return to the app for their needs. By consistently meeting users' expectations, businesses can improve app marketing performance.

Almost 90% of users are not very likely to return after a bad user experience - 99Firms

Facilitates word-of-mouth recommendations
Satisfied users are more likely to recommend an app to their friends, family, and colleagues. When an app is user-friendly and delivers a positive experience, it becomes a talking point, leading to word-of-mouth recommendations. Positive recommendations carry significant weight in influencing others' decisions. 

46.7% of consumers will tell others about a bad experience - 99Firms

top factor(s) driving user retention - user-friendly app features

8 user-friendly app features

Now that it’s known what the advantages are, it’s time to find out how it's usually done. Some of these features might sound familiar, but it’s essential not to underestimate the importance of getting the fundamental features right first.

Here are the most important examples of common mobile app features that can significantly improve user-friendliness:

  • ☑️Intuitive navigation

  • ☑️Responsive design

  • ☑️Personalization

  • ☑️Clear and concise onboarding

  • ☑️Feedback and support

  • ☑️Simplified data input

  • ☑️Push notifications and alerts

  • ☑️Performance optimization

Intuitive navigation
A simple and intuitive navigation system allows users to easily move between different sections of the app. Clear labels, logical placement of menus and buttons, and visual cues to help users understand how to navigate the app all help improve the experience. At Crowny, we believe in a data-driven approach. By identifying any friction that can be measured within the app and immediately acting on these alerts, a smooth experience for everyone can be manifested.

Responsive design
Ensuring that your app is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes and orientations is crucial. This way, users can have a consistent and optimized experience, whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, or other devices. By providing a great experience for any user, the overall experience is significantly improved instead of just optimizing the experience for a segment within the user base. 

Incorporate features that allow users to customize their app experience. For example, in the Crowny App, users are able to submit preferences regarding the content they're interested in and therefore receive a personalized content experience. Users opt-in to receive and consume content they chose, and brands are able to send content to an interested audience and engaged customers.

Clear and concise onboarding
Make the onboarding process simple and easy to understand for new users. Provide clear instructions, guide them through the app's key features, and offer tooltips or tutorials to familiarise them with the app's functionality. Also, include features that streamline the process. In the Crowny App, for example, users are able to sign-up with their Google account. During the sign-up, an automated process takes place: a blockchain-based wallet is created for the user. It’s super accessible for anyone and enables all consumers to easily tap into crypto using Web3Auth. It enables users to sign-up in a matter of clicks. 

Feedback and support
Provide users with an easy way to provide feedback, report issues, or seek support within the app. Incorporate in-app messaging, contact forms, or chatbots to address user inquiries and concerns promptly. This feature shows that you value user input and are committed to improving their experience. With Crowny, brands can encourage responses for polls by incentivizing the interactions with the poll and distributing it through a push notification with the interact-to-earn model.

Simplified data input
Minimize the effort required from users when entering data by implementing features such as autocomplete, prefilling forms, or allowing data import from external sources. Simplifying data input reduces friction and enhances the user experience. There’s very little amount of data necessary to provide a personalized experience. With a first name or nickname, app users can be addressed properly. A date of birth allows you to send birthday wishes, and so on.

Push notifications and alerts
Use push notifications to deliver relevant and timely information to users. Keep them informed about important updates, personalized offers, or reminders. However, ensure that notifications are opt-in and provide users with control over their frequency and content. With Crowny, we enable users to fully customize their messaging experience: frequency, but also content preferences.

Performance optimization
Optimize your app's performance to ensure fast loading times and smooth interactions. Users expect apps to be responsive and quick, so minimizing loading times and eliminating laggy or unresponsive behavior is crucial for user-friendliness.

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