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Jul 7, 2022 β€’ 4 min read
Crowny Monthly Recap June.

Since it’s tradition for us to publish a monthly recap on our progress every month we decided to showcase the highlights of this month as well, but besides all the platform developments we just shared for the entire quarter.

Crowny AppΒ 

βœ… This month we have just submitted our first release candidate of the Crowny App to the App Store and Google Play Store. πŸ“Œ Twitter
βœ… While we are patiently awaiting approval from the AppStore we continue testing the Crowny App. We shared a glimpse of the home screen, check it out.Β πŸ“Œ Twitter
βœ… We also shared a quick tease of the new app home screen πŸ“Œ Twitter

Want to know all the details on our platform release?Β 

We shared a massive release update this week!

Branding & Website

βœ… This new phase in our journey comes with a visual branding update! πŸ“Œ Twitter
βœ… Our refreshed branding is reflected in the content as well, interact to earn!Β πŸ“Œ Twitter
🀝 Big thanks to our community for providing input in the polls we’ve shared during the last month.

βœ… Updated homepage

Besides the visual and content updates we published with regards to our updated branding and positioning, we added another section to the homepage as well. The visuals are based on actual in-app screens, so they might look familiar already if you checked out our sneak peeks recently!Β 

Crowny Wallet - Anonymized data - Notification preferences | You are in chargeMore updates for the home page are on the way. The most important one? Adding Call-To-Action buttons to the app stores once the app is live!Β 

βœ… Updated metadata

Metadata will prove to be important for us in the future. We understand the importance of a website that ranks high in search engines and attracts a relevant audience to our website when doing so. Now that we’ve done a metadata update, sharing our content on socials will look a lot better as well with relevant information and visually appealing images.Β 

Crowny App featured image earn rewards

This is the featured image for the Crowny home page! When you publish a tweet with the link in there, this is the visual that will appear as a preview image of the web page.

Crowny App featured image community thrive

This is the featured image for the Crowny business page! You can share this one as well with the link in your tweet. If you look closely you can see how our portal dashboard has progressed, but you can also just visit our business page!

We had also received multiple requests from the Crowny Fam to share the most recent brand assets, so they can use them for their own content creation. We added them to the footer of our website, you can check them out with this here.Β 

The Crowny Fam

βœ… Some of you guys shared some nice in-depth use case threads, well done! πŸ“Œ Twitter
🀝 Congrats to the winner πŸ“Œ Twitter
🀝 Check out this other cool example of a use case: Crowny X Nike! πŸ“Œ Twitter
βœ… We did something new: #interacttowinahoodie!Β πŸ“Œ Twitter
🀝 Based on the #interacttowinahoodie tweet, we gave away four well-deserved hoodies. We received over 300 comments, the Crowny Fam really brought something extra to the table. So we had to do something extra as well!πŸ“Œ Twitter

Among other Crowny news…

βœ… The promo for the HBC sponsorship is here, check it out! πŸ“Œ Twitter
βœ… Hummingbot extended the $CRWNY liquidity mining campaign πŸ“Œ TwitterΒ 
βœ… Last but not least, we had a cute visitor in the Crowny office 🐢 πŸ“Œ Twitter

Next up!

It’s known that all we want to do next is release our platform. In the meantime, we continue to work with our partners to ensure both the app and portal fit their needs. Everything needs to be perfect for them to launch their loyalty programs when the time comes. Once we’ve got approval from the app store, we can announce a release date, you’ll be among the first ones to know!

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