July's Monthly Recap

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Crowny Updates • Aug 5, 2022 • 3 min read
crowny monthly recap july 2022.

Yet another month has passed. This month the Crowny team has made a lot of progress behind the scenes to get our app approved. We can’t wait to release the final product that we’ve been working on, and let you experience our platform on your own devices! 
In the meantime, we have also shared some updates with our dear community over the course of this month.

Development updates

The Crowny family is and has always been interested in the progress of our platform, whether the topic of discussion is the back-end, front-end, marketing, or token economies - we can always have plenty of conversations on our social platforms. And we love them! That’s why we continue to give you updates on our progress. Here is what we shared this month.  

✅ We started the first month of Q3 2022 with a launch update for our community. 📌 Twitter
✅ Since there has been a lot to tell, and we always want to give our supportive community some insights into our developments and reasoning behind certain decisions, we decided to elaborate on them more extensively with a blog article.
🤝 Make sure to check out the full release update
🔗 Share our post with your network to support Crowny! 📌 LinkedIn

Sneak peeks

This month, we showed you some behind the scenes of our platform in action. Almost nothing beats visual content, we know. Sharing the visual results of our efforts is something we really enjoy, so we shared a bunch this month as well!


✅ There’s no denying that the classic look of a card is timeless. With our platform, we decided not to ignore that. Check out this preview of the good old loyalty card, but with a Crowny twist! With the branding of your favorite brand, of course. 📌 Twitter
✅ Collecting branded loyalty points is fun, but spending them in a smooth online environment is even better. Here’s a sneak peek of the loyalty store in the app. Your favorite brands can add their promotional products, or whatever else they decide you might like! 📌 LinkedIn
✅ In our app, your brand needs to be recognizable, make a good impression, and send a message to attract new and relevant users to grow their community. 📌 LinkedIn 


✅ Our team attended the oldest and one of the most prestigious corporate network events in The Netherlands. We have had some seriously good talks with a lot of different people, were able to pitch Crowny and did not forget to have some fun as well! 📌 Twitter
✅ We also had a great co-working day with @BCNLfoundation at an amazing location in the beautiful Haarlem! 📌 Twitter

Next up!

We’re continuing our work with the platform to ensure we can release it as soon as possible. At this stage, we are prioritizing quality over quantity to ensure you will all have nothing but a top experience with our platform once the time has come.
Stay tuned for the release date announcement.

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