Monthly Recap | February

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Partnerships & Events • Mar 7, 2023 • 7 min read
Monthly Recap | February.

In February, the team worked hard behind the scenes with our partners to prepare for the release of our platform. Discover more about what we did this month.

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  • ☑️Behind the scenes at Crowny

  • ☑️Shedding light on our potential

  • ☑️Excitement

  • ☑️Community opinions

  • ☑️People-centric

  • ☑️What’s next?

Behind the scenes at Crowny

Preparing for the release of our platform has been an intensive process so far. From tying up loose ends in our software to iterating the platform based on partner feedback. We're honoured to be working with our release partners to bring Crowny to market, and can’t wait to finally make it official.

Crowny Office Dashboard As we put the finishing touches on our platform, we're excited to share an exclusive sneak peek of the platform with you all. We demonstrated how basic modal previews are now a hint of the past, and how Crowny’s mobile campaign preview allows marketers to experience the look and feel of their content before publishing it.

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Shedding light on our potential

One of the most exciting things about Crowny's platform is its incredible potential for adoption across a wide range of industries and use cases. With so many different perspectives and ways of applying the software, the possibilities are virtually endless. With our blog posts, we attempt to make the potential somewhat digestible. By shedding light on these different use cases, we hope to inspire others to see the many ways that Crowny's platform can help their business succeed. Here are the perspectives we analyzed this month.

Community marketing potential

We emphasized the importance of incentivizing community members to engage with a business's content. By using Crowny's content-driven rewards program solutions, businesses can reward their most active community members. With this method, businesses increase engagement and loyalty, thereby unlocking the full potential of community marketing.

Traditional loyalty programs are based on the same principle as the first points-based loyalty program ever, which was launched in 1896: they all are based on purchases - Crowny

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Opt-in & zero-party data

This month, we also explored the benefits of using Crowny's opt-in consent approach, which allows users to control how their data is used. This approach can help businesses comply with data privacy regulations while also building trust with their customers. By allowing users to provide data following their own preferences, businesses are guaranteed to collect accurate data and provide relevant content in return. This approach will significantly improve the performance of content campaigns, allowing businesses to thrive with opt-consent in the age of zero-party data.

Zero-party data is key to survival - Forbes

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Increase user engagement

By providing practical tips on how businesses can use Crowny's interact-to-earn model to boost engagement, we intend to activate everybody reading this next article. Incentivizing users to complete specific actions encourages more active participation from community members, thus increasing user engagement

Less than 1 in 4 brands have the necessary technology to engage with consumers consistently - Emplifi

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We're thrilled to see excitement building within our community as we share more and more insights about our platform. It's incredibly motivating to see that our vision is resonating with people, and we're continually blown away by the creativity and passion of our community members. One standout example of this is Friso, who recently created a mockup of the Crowny app store preview. It's inspiring to see how Friso imagines every app store looking like when Crowny takes over the industry. We're grateful to have such dedicated community members who are willing to put in the time and effort to help bring our vision to life.

Friso mock-up of the Crowny AppLet Friso know what you think of his design 👑
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Community opinions

Over the course of this month, we ran several polls on Twitter to gauge community opinions on various topics. By asking our community for their opinions, we hope to gain a better understanding of what matters most to them and how we can improve our platform to better meet their needs. We'll be sharing some of the results of those polls.

We were curious about which of Crowny's features is most important for unlocking community marketing potential with incentives. Content-driven loyalty was the most popular response, with 32.4% of voters choosing this option.

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Another poll asked what the main benefit of opt-in and zero-party data was for businesses using the Crowny App. Protecting user privacy was the most popular response, with 45.2% of voters choosing this option.

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Finally, a poll asked what Crowny's key drivers for increasing user engagement are. Interact-to-earn was the most popular response, with 60% of voters choosing this option.

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We appreciate everyone participating in our polls, and are grateful for the information you provide us with!


With Crowny, it has always been, and always will be about people whether it is to create a more rewarding experience between consumers and brands, having fun with our community members, or putting our beloved team members in the spotlight. 

February was filled with celebrations as many community members had their birthdays. We think it's important to take a moment to recognize the people who make Crowny possible - our amazing users. So to all of our community members who celebrated a birthday this month: happy birthday from all of us at Crowny! Our youngest team member joined in on the festivities with his 24th birthday.

Wish Eric a happy belated birthday!
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If have you been following us for a longer period of time, then you know the reputation of our hoodies full well. Our hoodies are notorious, meaning every hoodie received equals a great celebration. One of our most supportive community members finally got his well-deserved hoodie and shared some nice shots with us on his social media. 

Kosinus community member hoodie give-awayBe sure to check it out!
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What’s next?

The preparations for the release of our platform have been ongoing for a while now, but we know that the hard work will be worth it once we can finally share it with the world. With several stress tests, countless rounds of troubleshooting, and more we are doing everything we can to make sure our platform is the best it can be. 

We're confident that our platform has the potential to transform the way that businesses approach community marketing, and we can't wait to see the impact that it will have. We're incredibly grateful for the support of our community as we continue on this journey. 

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