Crowny Monthly Recap - March

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Apr 6, 2022 • 3 min read
crowny monthly recap march.

Months are passing by quickly when doing something you love. Yet another month has passed and it is time to look back on what March brought for Crowny.

Community events

Crowny is definitely a company that appreciates its community and the feedback. And we also reward for it! In March we have hosted our first-ever AMA on Discord! The Crowny CEO Quincy Dagelet answered the questions received from our community members and provided context on our 2022 Roadmap. 
If you missed the event you can still find the recap here.

Participants got their rewards short after the event in the Crowny App! 

crowny hoodie community reward

We also rewarded some of our dearest community members with Crowny hoodies.

Crowny website 

We have improved our homepage with:

  • Clear communication of the benefits of the #CrownyApp for users and how it works (why would you use this otherwise?)

  • Clear CTA button (Download App)

  • Blog preview

As for the business landing page, we have implemented: 

  • Early access button (who doesn’t want to be among early adopters, right?!)

  • Highlight that you don’t need a credit card and can try for free (lowering the barrier to entry)

  • Quick email signup (you want to contact an interested business) 

  • 3 C’s create, connect & convert (what you have to do to start)

  • Result-driven features that convert loyalty to revenue

  • USPs and benefits of the Solana blockchain for you as a business 

On the website in general we’ve published some updates as well:

  • Content update

  • Sticky menu, highlighting the CTA for the relevant audience

  • Visuals and interactivity

  • Blog section

This probably seems like a lot, but in the nearest future, we will include new features to optimize our SEO strategy and user experience, creating a smooth customer journey for an increased amount of website traffic. We will share more about our partners, the products, use cases and more. A lot of content is coming your way!

Tech development status

The tech team has been busy with the development of final functionalities for both the Crowny Portal and the App, as well as testing those. This month they opened up the curtain and we were able to share the first glimpse of the future product. 

The Crowny App Wallet

We’ve been very delighted to finally be able to share the sneak peek of the Crowny Wallet! All our app users deserve to get rewarded for their interactions. With the Crowny Wallet, businesses can instantly reward their community with direct value. As the launch of our app and portal is coming closer, so are your rewards in $CRWNY! 

Business Development 

We are actively onboarding partners to join the #CrownyPortal launch and to test the beta functionalities. Just a few days ago we announced a partnership with Edensol, a play-to-earn metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. Here's the announcement! 📌

What happens next?

Next month is expected to be the most exciting one in Crowny history! For this quarter we’ve scheduled the launch of the app, wallet, portal and subscription packages so we can start with the onboarding of our first clients. For the upcoming months, you’ll be receiving announcements, dates, you name it. More rewards are coming to you as well, make sure to pay attention! 😉

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