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Crowny Updates • May 2, 2021 • 3 min read
Crowny Monthly Recap 2-5-2021.

A recap of what happened for Crowny and the entire Crowny family in the month of April, 2021.

Our start

A big thank you to all the new kings and queens in our community, welcome to Crowny. We are also grateful to our early investors, family and friends who supported us from the start. You all make up the building blocks of who we are, and have a direct role in the successes we have achieved thus far; something we aspire to keep growing by time. Another way to describe last month is how one of my best friends put it: “Seeing your company grow is like watching a baby grow up and become bigger with time”. Even though I don’t have kids (yet) I think this sums it up pretty well.

So What Happened In The Last Months?

In the last months we reached some amazing milestones such as:

What To Expect For Next Month?

Everything in the roadmap goes according to plan. To summarize things, let’s dive deeper into what is coming:

  • 🦄Dex listing: This has been completed, you can find more about it here. On top of that we are also listed on AscendEX as our primary listing.

  • 📲App & portal: In the coming weeks, we will share some of the early updates regarding the app & portal. Our community will be able to give feedback and try this out pre-launch, stay tuned!

  • 🤝First SME partnerships: Onboarding solid brands to adopt Crowny in the coming month!

Info about the microtask feature and NFTs will follow later. The topics above have the highest priority for what is coming!

Continuing Our Monthly Recap

This has been a busy and fulfilling journey for quite some time now and we will not settle for less. The Crowny team is working tirelessly every day to outperform the high hopes of our selected community and partners. We will make these monthly updates our small tradition so each Crowny supporter is kept in the loop.

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