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Crowny Updates • Apr 9, 2021 • 7 min read
crowny seed round closed.

Crowny closes the seed round days after the formal introduction to the public.

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The process of innovation is long and challenging, but the support we’ve been receiving from the community is incredibly inspiring. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes at Crowny, and we are excited to announce that our seed round has closed! We have some amazing investors who have made the decision to support us on this journey. Let’s take a look at who’s invested in Crowny.

crowny investors seed roundWhy our partners invested in Crowny

Rarestone Capital strives to invest in and cultivate projects that will create positive societal change. They have been actively involved in helping winning teams strategize, build and launch web3 products out into the world.

“Crowny represents a real-world consumer and B2B blockchain use case with a clear incentivization model rooted in Crowny’s token economy. That, along with a strong founding team with both advertising and blockchain experience, was attractive. Rarestone is excited to support Crowny on their journey.”

LD Capital is one of the most reputable investment firms in China, focusing on Blockchain Investment, Securities, Equity Investment, and Trading. Owing to industrial resource advantages and professional investment research team, LD Capital has successfully discovered and invested in more than 200 companies. LD Capital overall achieved more than 100 times return with peak self-owned assets of nearly 1 billion US dollars.

“We are excited to support Crowny and looking forward to seeing major brands and companies interacting with their fans and users through the customized loyalty program built on Crowny.”

Twin Apex Capital is a blockchain-centric private equity firm that provides smart money to nascent crypto assets and digital currency-related projects. As investors, their core competency remains in investing in the right people and providing rocket fuel through their network to get to the moon and beyond.

“First of all, let us disclose that Crowny, by far, did the best dog and pony we’ve witnessed in crypto and traditional markets. When meeting firms and the like, the usual walk-through and introduction of team members is a pro forma activity. Some are done with panache while others are performed perfunctorily, but they are largely forgettable for everyone. Rarely do they impress, but Crowny’s team intro and explanation of their respective roles resonated beyond the walls of zoom and the modality of videoconferencing. We fell in like with the people, and the more we learned about the project, the more appealing it became.

Targeting advertising, even with the current stranglehold that FAANG has over our data, is still severely lacking. Somehow, one would think they’d have gotten this right by now. Adding insult to injury, influencers and our data-driven culture have made almost everyone a champion of their favorite brands, and yet, relevancy in content is lacking, and ads remain a nuisance. They are the tinnitus of our online experience. Crowny is out to streamline and makes this process better, more involved, more tailored, and individualized. Yes, we’ve heard it all before, but we think they are the people to do it. The end. A definite hold for Twin Apex and one we are quite bullish on.”

AU21Capital is a private American venture capital firm founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley. The firm is managed by executives from Huobi, Galaxy Digital, and Parity. The firm operates out of offices in Menlo Park and New York City and consistently ranks among the most active investors in DeFi and NFT projects. Its past investments include Chainlink, Tendermint, Synthetix, The Graph, Polkadot, and Serum, among many others.

“Since the genesis of online advertising, consumers have had their privacy eroded through the use of highly intrusive digital marketing. Meanwhile, firms continue to hemorrhage cash in the pursuit of impressions with diminishing potency. We are highly optimistic about Crowny’s approach to digital advertising, as it offers enhanced privacy to consumers while providing a higher degree of effectiveness for advertisers.”

Genblock Capital invests exclusively in blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a focus on decentralized finance. They have been deeply entrenched in the crypto markets since early 2017 and invest in liquid cryptocurrencies on the secondary market as well as early-stage funding rounds. They are also deeply involved in the Solana ecosystem.

“Crowny is a game changing product for both advertisers and consumers. It lets brands engage effectively with consumers, with elements of gamification and maintaining privacy. We expect Crowny to execute their vision and are proud to back their team.”

White Palm Ventures believes in a multidisciplinary approach to support each of its venture investments. White Palm Ventures consists of five seasoned blockchain investors with a combined experience of over 25 years — who are ready for 75 more. Each member brings their own unique marketing arm to the venture, and together, they aim to help their clients and projects explode onto the scene, helping with all aspects of launching a product, especially when it comes to marketing.

“We believe that advertising and the right audience are some of the most important elements and foundations of many projects not only in the cryptocurrency space but also in the entire world. Crowny as a product and service is something we are truly excited to enter into space, and we are excited to be supporting them. Crowny brings the perfect advertising services, with a fresh, unique, and simplistic approach that we think is going to have a major impact on most users in the entire space.”

Savy Capital Partners is a family office based in Dubai, with a major focus on retail. However, after the introduction to Crowny, they got inspired by the idea of users interacting and engaging with their favorite brands in new ways than ever before, rewarding those loyal to the brand and ensuring that brands reach a larger target audience.

PNYX Ventures is a venture fund investing in early-stage projects with expertise in proprietary trading and market-making.

''We drive project teams through blockchain capital markets towards a Web3 future. Crowny’s designs of connecting brands and customer retention through gamification with privacy overlay is a very attractive proposition. With a stellar team and relevant track record, we eagerly look to Crowny bridging real-world brands to active users on the blockchain.''


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each one of our partners for supporting our vision of reshaping the advertising industry. At Crowny, we’re excited to be building the future of loyalty-based rewards programs. As we embark on this journey, our goal is to be as transparent as possible with you, our community, so we can continue to make an impact.

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