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Crowny Updates • Oct 26, 2021 • 3 min read
Crowny App Solana Breakpoint Lisbon Solana App Token Migration.

In this update we will be giving information about the progress of the Crowny App, how it will be used during the Breakpoint Lisbon event (with the first-ever public loyalty program from Crowny!) and what the status is regarding the Solana migration.

Solana Ignition Hackathon

We want to start off with how grateful we are for the support we received from our community during the voting rounds of the Solana Ignition Hackathon. If you haven’t seen our contribution to the hackathon you can read more here or watch the video we created here.

In the Devpost documentation, you can read how the hackathon granted us the opportunity to explain our inspiration on WHY we are building Crowny, what it does and how other brands can directly benefit from it. A very important step is to continue sharing our vision within the whole Solana Ecosystem. One of the requirements is having a working Crowny App.

Why Our Focus Is On The Crowny App

After the hackathon our complete focus is on getting our product out; the Crowny App.

In the last weeks, we’ve made tremendous progress. Our latest update consisted of being able to send out notifications including rewards in the form of loyalty points. One of the next updates before going live will be including the option to receive those notifications based on geofences, which is directly related to Breakpoint Lisbon.

Breakpoint Lisbon

During the event, we will showcase our App to the Crowny community and the Solana Ecosystem. We created one main loyalty program called Breakpoint Loyalty Points. Every brand that is attending Solana Breakpoint will be able to use our Loyalty Program to interact with our and their community during the event.

Think of use cases such as us sending out notifications based on geofences to users who downloaded the Crowny App. A follow-up would be to meet us at a specific place nearby and get rewarded for it. Other use cases consist of our partners being able to use these geofences to meet outside the venues. Of course, there will be notifications explaining the benefits and discounts our partners will be offering during the event, giving you the ability to buy merchandise at discount.

Solana Migration

Our Loyalty Points are already based on the SPL-token program. Everything is in place to smoothly migrate to Solana. The Breakdown Hackathon is the final test for the Crowny App. After Breakpoint Lisbon our focus will be on completing the Solana Migration phase. Right now the Ignition Hackathon, launching the Crowny App and attending the Breakpoint Lisbon have the highest priority.

The migration also isn’t necessary for the App to be up and running, as it is already functional. You are already able to subscribe to loyalty programs created by our partners, collect Loyalty Points. Without the migration, we can still manually control/help on every step taken within the loyalty programs. This gives us more space for the final testing, as Solana Breakpoint is the first ‘major’ test event for us.

Every user who has been with us from the beginning and the ones attending Breakpoint Lisbon will be given the chance to get something extra in the form of $CRWNY later. Because remember, users will always get rewarded. More about that will follow in our next article!

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