Monthly Recap | The Best Things We Did In September

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Oct 6, 2022 • 5 min read
monthly recap september.

Everyone loves a monthly recap. It helps you stay on track, measure your progress and reaffirm your commitment to being productive.

The same is true for our company! Every month we evaluate what we’ve done, and what we can improve on and plan out the upcoming weeks. This blog post will serve as our September Monthly Recap of The Best Things We Did This Month. From here on out you’ll be able to see which initiatives we prioritized and how much we grew as a company in that time period. Read on for more details about our September and stay tuned for upcoming months!

What we did in September

Let’s start with a quick overview of what we accomplished in September.

☑️ Team photoshoot at the Crowny office
☑️ Crowny Giveaway 
☑️ We launched a digital ad campaign 
☑️ We published four blog posts
☑️ Alpha testing in 3,2,1…

Photoshoot in the Crowny office

As we mentioned, this was the first photoshoot we’ve had in the Crowny office to date. It was such an awesome experience to bring the team together and see each person in their own element. We had the photoshoot spread out for each team member as well as the team and kept each session short and sweet. In between each shoot, we also had time to reflect on the day, take team photos and eat delicious food! Plus, as a cherry on top, we got to feature our awesome office space in the photos. This is all done with the thought of bringing our team and the community even closer, as very soon our website will be updated with the latest photos of the Crowny team. Check out the sneak peek.

Crowny Giveaway

For our giveaway, we chose to give away some of our merch, as it has proven to be one of the most desirable items among the Crowny supporters. The idea behind this giveaway was to engage more with the audience and spread awareness. We wanted to be able to track how many people entered and what steps they took in order to be able to provide data for future giveaways. To do this, we integrated simple rules into the giveaway entry process. This allowed people to easily see what they needed to do in order to increase their chances of winning.

Click here for the result.

We launched a digital ad campaign

Because we heavily focused on our content in September, we wanted to make sure that we had a good foundation to build on. This meant having the right tools in place to help us scale our efforts. To do this, we decided to launch a digital ad campaign for testing purposes.

This would help us to:
☑️ Expand our reach and get more eyes on Crowny;
☑️ Establish our presence; 
☑️ Ads allow us to collect data on who is seeing the ads, and analyze it which means we can start to build a list of interested customers outside of the existing partner network! As you can imagine this is a very important step for us as a company.  

We published four blog posts

September was all about content. We published four blog posts in total, one every week. We wanted to make sure that each piece of content felt well-rounded and valuable to the reader. We covered topics like: 
☑️ Loyalty program benefits. Three results of a successful program
Visit the article here
☑️ Pay-per-click & interact-to-earn. Differences and similarities
Visit the article here

☑️ How blockchain-based loyalty rewards improve brand experiences
Visit the article here

☑️ How omnichannel marketing strategies could be leveraged even more
Visit the article here

Alpha testing in 3,2,1…

Being busy with content creation and establishing our online presence doesn't mean we have abandoned the product. The tech team has been working a lot on implementing the latest feedback from our partners and on improving the features that will help our partners to scale their businesses and make them even more successful.

We are in full mode of preparing for the soon-to-be platform release. In the meantime, you can always reach out to our team on our social channels if you have any questions or feedback about Crowny.


September is the time of year when everything slows down just a bit, but not at Crowny. We wanted to be as transparent as possible and show you the different ways that we’re growing as a company. Hopefully, this inspires you to reflect on your own goals for the next few months and find ways that you can support your own growth. 

If you have a brand and you’d like to make use of the Crowny technology, make sure to get early access now!