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Partnerships & Events • Dec 6, 2022 • 4 min read

November was one of the most interesting months that we, as a team, have experienced so far. Read everything about the events that took place in the past month, including Crowny portal testing.

Table of contents
☑️ Providing context
☑️ Testing of the Crowny Portal
☑️ Plan for December

Providing context

As the Crowny platform continues to take shape, we feel the need to provide relevant context to our audience. We’ve been diving into the different value-adds Crowny is able to pursue in the near future. We covered the following topics:

✅ Incentives for engaged customers
✅ Shopify’s 4 types of loyalty programs for E-commerce
✅ 6 Key Drivers to Launch a Mobile-first Blockchain Loyalty Program
✅ Boost the ROI of your B2C Email Marketing for Black Friday

For consumers to feel truly appreciated, engagement with brands should always be rewarded

Find out how in our blog: Incentives for engaged customers

In this article, we discussed:
☑️ 6 significant benefits of incentives
☑️ Interaction-driven loyalty rewards with ‘interact-to-earn’
☑️ Blockchain-based loyalty rewards in the Crowny Platform

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How do you know what type of loyalty program will drive more revenue for your business?

Get the answer in our blog: Shopify’s 4 types of loyalty programs for E-commerce

Find out how Crowny:
☑️ Combines 4 types of loyalty programs
☑️ Leverages the benefits of all types
☑️ Fixes some of the model issues

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Crowny offers a solution that fits perfectly in the scope of wishes and demands from both consumers and businesses

Check out how in our blog: 6 Key Drivers to Launch a Mobile-first Blockchain Loyalty Program

Learn more about:
☑️ Traditional loyalty program inefficiencies
☑️ Blockchain loyalty program software
☑️ Mobile-first: loyalty app & socials

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Use Crowny and leverage your Black Friday campaigns to increase customer loyalty and grow the number of repeat purchases for a better ROI

Read all about it in our blog: Boost the ROI of your B2C Email Marketing for Black Friday

Get familiar with:
☑️ Tips for Black Friday emails
☑️ Pros and cons of email marketing for Black Friday
☑️ How to improve the ROI of your email marketing campaigns

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Testing of the Crowny Portal

The Solana ecosystem has been a vibrant environment this past month as well, with the Solana Breakpoint event taking place in Lisbon from November 4th to November 7th. In case you are following us for some time now, you will know Crowny has some fond memories of this event.

We shared a flashback of the first notification of the Solana Breakpoint program!

📌 Twitter

Breakpoint 2021 was the first time a Crowny Loyalty Program was launched to the public! We were able to test all functionalities and had a blast. The fact that we enjoyed the previous edition this much made it even more unfortunate that we weren’t able to attend the event this year. In the Crowny office, it was all hands on deck. Because it was during this period that we were in the middle of the Alpha Testing phase of our portal!

We were bummed not to be there. But we can pretend to be, right?

Crowny Portal tease | Solana x AsicsYou can find the link to this tweet here.

This wasn’t the only Crowny Portal preview we shared this month. You can find more by clicking on these links:

📌 Twitter ‘Testing some things’ with Quincy

📌 Twitter 'Join the Solana Early Bird Loyalty Program' with Eric

📌 Twitter 'Building in public' with Djilano

📌 Twitter With the increasing online presence of the Crowny team, people are getting excited about the Crowny Platform launch!

Plan for December

This is the period where we start to make the transition from Alpha towards Beta, after making tons of iterations based on the feedback we’ve received. In this last phase, the main focus was purely on the Crowny Portal, now is the time to combine that with the Crowny App. A super exciting step and milestone for everyone. This is a month where the first select group will be able to test the Crowny Platform. What a rewarding month ahead! 🎁

Get early access to a demo of the Crowny Platform.