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Sep 6, 2022 • 6 min read
crowny monthly august.

As you all know, with the Crowny app and portal we’re developing the ultimate rewards programs for businesses and their community. We made significant progress this month and shared several updates, take a look!

Holidays are over and schools have started: August is over and September has come. We’ve shared a lot of details on the platform’s progress. The release is closer than ever and the demos we’ve given so far result in a lot of excitement throughout the team. Find out what updates we shared this month.

Key takeaways:
☑️ Token utility explanation
☑️ Development update
☑️ Crowny use cases
☑️ Community interactions
☑️ Showcasing the portal
☑️ What’s next for Crowny

In-depth updates

✅ There are multiple ways how the native $CRWNY token is being used in the platform. We’re setting the fundament right with the main focus on having the proper set-up for future scalability. The implemented mechanisms for $CRWNY as a utility token will be vital for the quality of our platform, which plays a major role in Crowny’s differentiation from other loyalty platform providers. Now that we’ve determined the right approach for our platform, we can start to share more details on how it will work. Crowny CEO Quincy Dagelet is leading by example, as he showcased in this thread. 

The most important question that was answered in this thread:

How will marketing- and brand loyalty campaigns result in increasing scarcity of the $CRWNY token? 

📌 Twitter

✅ Sometimes it’s difficult to share all the details on our progress. Especially if the progress being made has everything to do with users’ security. However, this month we shared a very important development: the implementation of Web3Auth. With the implementation of Web3Auth in our platform, we are hitting multiple birds with one stone. Using this tech for the Crowny platform ensures that we’re well underway to bring Web3 benefits to all businesses worldwide. This development will not only improve our security, but also the user-friendliness and accessibility of our platform.

Make sure to check out the full article about Web3Auth and Development Progress.

✅ The Crowny CTO recently shared an interesting update on the infinite possibilities of the software that’s being developed. This brought up some questions from our excited community. Even though the application for loyalty programs is now the main focus and the most interesting use case to pursue, the possibilities for Crowny don’t end here. To simplify the topics, we can essentially describe tech as a service to provide businesses with their own tokenized economy. They can use our Solana app to launch a branded loyalty program, which essentially is a tokenized economy as well. The tokenization of old-fashioned methods in day-to-day life opens up a variety of use cases. In this update, we’ve elaborated on the possibilities with some simple use cases. 

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Crowny is community-driven 

It is our dear community that will always stimulate us to do the best we can, every single day.

✅ We did another giveaway this month since we know you all like those. The Crowny hoodies are loved by our entire community, so we decided to give one away again! Check out the post and follow us to participate in the next giveaway.  

🚀 We asked you what excites you the most about Crowny’s launch, and this was the best response:

Crowny is a fantastic new marketing strategy. Perhaps it’s the beginning of a new way of marketing. I’ve been buying $CRWNY for well over a year. Team has been working on improvements and development all that time. The app will be huge.

🔥 Congratulations Nucleus! The Crowny hoodie suits you well. 

Nucleus crowny hoodieSource

Community feedback and opinions are always valued by the team. We love getting your feedback, and we always take it into account. 

✅ In this post, we found out your opinion on in-app personalization. The poll results are always interesting, but your comments are definitely worth a read! The creativity of our community never ceases to amaze us.

✅ We elaborated on the endless amount of use cases our software is suitable for, and we noticed in the community chats that we’d sparked a lot of excitement. We decided to give you all the opportunity to share your creativity, and you did! Check out the most creative community-driven use cases here

✅ Honorable mention: check out these cets rocking the Crowny hoodie! 

crowny hoodie and cets Solana NFT community

✅ Obviously, the designer of this awesome attribute had to get his own Crowny hoodie as well. Creators of good content always deserve a reward!

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Showcasing the portal

✅ We’re finalizing the implementation of feedback on our loyalty & marketing platform. This also means that we now find ourselves in a position where we can bring our product to more interested audiences. This month, Quincy shared that he presented the Crowny portal to Devchart. You might come across more familiar names in the near future! 

📌Here’s the sneak peek.

✅ Obviously our community is curious about the progress as well. Our sneak peeks are in high demand, and we enjoy sharing them with you all. Take a look at the sneak peek we shared on LinkedIn this month, providing the community with a glimpse of the tiered loyalty programs your favorite brands could use to reward their community in the near future. 

📌Here’s the post: LinkedIn

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What’s next?

During the first week of September, we’ve been finalizing the developments for the first version of the Crowny Portal. This means that we are now able to level up the testing of our portal internally. The external testing of the portal is coming closer every day. September will be the month when we’ll start the onboarding process of our clients! This means we’ll get them familiar with our platform.

We will ensure that they’ve got all the tools and support they need to start running their loyalty programs through our platform. The process of the Crowny App is on track as well. With the portal being finalized, we can now implement the last updates in the Crowny App and get ready to launch! What are you waiting for? Spread the word and make sure your favorite brand won't miss out.

Brands can get early access to the Crowny Platform here.