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Crowny Updates • Feb 8, 2024 • By Eric Liefting • 7 min read
January’s Monthly Recap.

Unveiling key milestones and exciting updates for the first month of 2024: January. Dive into our journey of innovation - and discover what’s on the horizon!

Kicking off the new year

As the year began we took a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey we made over the past year. The yearly recap of 2023 detailed our significant milestones. This list of accomplishments includes the expansion of our platform’s onboarding capabilities, the successful submission of our platform to various app stores, and the forging of a promising partnership with Betterbrand, among other achievements. The surge in the value of $CRWNY marked a highlight in our journey, indicating growing trust and interest in our vision. 

yearly recap 2023 infographic

Our esteemed front-end developer also shared his highlights of the year. As a key member of our team, many opportunities for collaboration reveal themselves over time. In his summary, Djilano mentions several side projects he has worked on, in addition to his full-time work for Crowny. The work ethic and passion Djilano has shown for his work over the past year are admirable, this deserves a big compliment. 

Djilano yearly recap snippet

At Crowny, we are incredibly happy to have such a driven individual in our team. By helping out with the development and growth of other projects, Djilano can contribute to the overall growth of the ecosystem. It also gives Crowny a wider, more helpful network of professionals. This allows us to spar with like-minded individuals, which moves us forward together. 

Sneak peeks on the Crowny-Betterbrand collaboration

The heart of January's revelations was the detailed screen recording shared by Quincy, offering a comprehensive walkthrough of our onboarding flow. This recording, starting from a Shopify dummy store that mirrors Betterbrand’s actual storefront, delved into the integration of Crowny’s tool and access to our portal. 

Betterbrand loyalty card dummy

Within the portal, we displayed an example of what the Betterbrand loyalty program could look like, complete with branding and customization options. The recording highlighted the 'ways to earn' feature, allowing for the creation and editing of earning rules for loyalty program members. Moreover, it showcased the loyalty store, where users can redeem loyalty points and $CRWNY for various rewards. The analytics of the loyalty store’s performance and insights into the 'members' section were also featured, demonstrating the platform’s capabilities in managing and understanding customer engagement.

Djilano’s shared his perspective on the screen recording, which emphasized one of our most notable recent achievements: enabling the creation of a loyalty program in under a minute. This significant development, a culmination of months of dedicated work, underlines our innovative edge in simplifying and revolutionizing loyalty program creation and management. His insight provided a developer's view on the platform's user-friendliness and efficiency.

“74% of potential customers will switch to other solutions if the onboarding process is complicated” - Userpilot

Support in web3

January was a notable month for Crowny, receiving genuine support from key figures in the Web3 sphere. A prime example is The Crypto Dog, a well-respected influencer in the cryptocurrency world. His decision to invest in $CRWNY tokens off the market, without any ‘special’ influencer deal, speaks volumes about our project's appeal and potential. This kind of organic, unsolicited support is invaluable, as it comes from a place of genuine belief in Crowny's vision and potential. 

HackermanAce, another influential figure in the digital space, also threw his support behind Crowny. His positive outlook on our product — highlighting its simplicity, cleanliness, and practical use case for businesses — further reinforces the trust in the potential of our platform. 

Charting progress: milestones and innovations

Ahmed, our UI/UX designer, shared a glimpse into his journey from Klarna to Crowny and how it’s been going so far. After a rewarding tenure at Klarna, Ahmed's transition to Crowny has been a journey of growth, innovation, and collaboration. One of the most significant recent accomplishments has been the conclusion of developing an entire design system. This will be fundamental to further expanding our platform efficiently and consistently. To give a quick impression of our design system, we've shared a screenshot below. Keep in mind this is just one section of the much larger design system. We know you might not be able to read the texts; it's just to give an impression! Discover Ahmed's post to learn about his adaptation to Figma and more. 

Design system 'dialogs' preview

Quincy's commitment to the community sets an exciting tone for the future. Recently, he hinted at the possible launch of an exclusive alpha loyalty programme for Crowny supporters. Besides this being a fun idea, it’s even more exciting to imagine the incredibly wide array of marketing and community engagement possibilities that will open up for us once our platform is up and running! This forward-thinking approach is a testament to the next phase of the journey we are about to enter, leaving us to wonder; what's next?

Crowny loyalty program loyalty card from the archive

What's next?

As February unfolds, our team is filled with anticipation for the imminent release of our apps on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Shopify. While we eagerly await the approvals, our team is busy fine-tuning the platform and working on our next features to ensure they can be implemented rapidly after release. 

Social media followers of Crowny will have seen the latest update on our plans for enhancing our customer support capabilities already; a robust self-service knowledge base is being developed. The plan is to use this to provide helpful support content in addition to providing a dedicated customer support manager. In this update, we substantiated the belief that our knowledge base will reduce the support workload while improving customer experiences for our end users.

In tandem with the preparations for our platform release, we are actively initiating and nurturing strategic partnerships. It’s essential to expand our influence within the e-commerce and customer loyalty sectors. As we work on finalizing impactful new agreements, we're setting the stage for a broader reach and more powerful presence. 

These endeavours are crucial steps in translating our technological advancements into real-world impact. The synergy of these initiatives propels us towards a future ripe with opportunity and growth. As always, we remain grateful for the unwavering support and patience of our community.

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