February's Monthly Recap ‘24

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Crowny Updates • Mar 7, 2024 • By Eric Liefting • 9 min read
February's Monthly Recap ‘24.

February's Monthly Recap unveils the latest achievements in blockchain and loyalty, steering $CRWNY's thrilling ascent. Dive in for exclusives!

Builders will build

We have been actively working with DEX applications and dApps, sometimes leading to interesting improvements! Bug fixes in DEXtools, for example. This month, Quincy played a central role in these improvements, underscoring our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation within the ecosystem.

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We introduced an important and often overlooked enhancement to our website — a new search functionality, currently implemented to streamline the navigation of our blogs. This feature is a cornerstone of our broader strategy to revolutionize customer support through the imminent launch of a comprehensive support system for the Crowny Platform. Emphasizing the importance of self-service options, we're gearing up to unveil a knowledge base aimed at empowering users with immediate, accessible support content, thus reducing the workload on our support team while enhancing user experiences. This development underscores our commitment to anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of our community.

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To all $CRWNY holders

We made a strategic move to delist the $CRWNY trading pair from AscendEX, effective Feb 18th, to focus more on our on-chain activities, driven by the rapid growth of Jupiter, Raydium Protocol, and other DEXs. This decision aligns with our integration into web3 infrastructures. $CRWNY holders on AscendEX were notified and instructed to transfer their tokens to a Solana-compatible wallet by March 17th. This shift emphasizes our commitment to enhancing our on-chain presence and ensuring our community's active participation in the evolving digital asset landscape.

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To help get to know the on-chain environment, we released a new website page designed to guide users through navigating the on-chain environment where $CRWNY is now thriving. A nice present for Eric, who celebrated his 25th birthday on this day. Recognizing the shift towards DEXs like Raydium Protocol and Jupiter Exchange as a new venture for many, this initiative underscores our commitment to support our community's adaptation to and understanding of the on-chain activities central to our platform's future.

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🔗 Discover the Crowny Token page!

On-chain dominance

So we made a significant leap in our on-chain journey. Our on-chain focus announcement was quickly followed by groundbreaking milestones in the DeFi space. Solana's DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL) surpassed the $2 billion mark, showcasing the network's robust growth and potential. Additionally, Brave Rewards announced its integration with Solana, enabling users to receive $BAT rewards directly to a Solana address. These developments underscore Crowny's strategic move to on-chain activities, aligning with the ecosystem's advancing landscape and reinforcing our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge blockchain capabilities.

BAT on-chain with Solana

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Solana x Shopify

The cryptocurrency community witnessed a pivotal moment when the market capitalisation of Solana ($SOL) surpassed that of Binance Coin ($BNB), signalling its growing prominence and acceptance in the blockchain ecosystem. This achievement highlights Solana's appeal as a high-performance blockchain, attracting the attention of investors and developers alike.

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A key achievement for Solana was its partnership with Shopify, which achieved more than 20 million sales with no transaction fees. This is in stark contrast to the high cost of traditional credit card transactions and highlights the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of using blockchain technology in e-commerce. As a result, Anatoly (co-founder of Solana Labs) shared the most basic form of Solana's value proposition to Shopify merchants: “Are you a Shopify merchant? Want to know how to save on credit card fees?”.

Toly on X about Solana's Sales on Shopify

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On the occasion of this significant milestone, Quincy again explained the decision to use Solana for web3's loyalty and rewards programmes. The choice was driven by Solana's lower operational costs for businesses compared to traditional financial systems, demonstrating how blockchain can provide tangible benefits and streamline operations for e-commerce platforms.

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Social media shoutouts

February saw excitement and support for $CRWNY from various influencers and community members on social media. Let’s briefly shout them out to return the favour! 

Devchart praised a demo shown by Quincy, stating it significantly highlighted Solana's capabilities. Ansem hinted at $CRWNY's potential for significant price movements. Smokey shared a lighthearted observation about $CRWNY's price surge following a meeting with Quincy. HackermanAce expressed strong support for Crowny, signalling his commitment to $CRWNY.

These interactions reflect the growing community engagement and optimism surrounding Crowny's future. To everyone else that mentioned us: thank you for your support! 

‘$CRWNY is heating up’

Our community understands the benefits of our choice to focus more on our on-chain operations. This can be seen in the price movements of $CRWNY following the announcement that we applied for the delisting of our trading pair from AscendEX and are therefore available with $CRWNY exclusively on-chain with Raydium and Jupiter. Following our delisting from AscendEX and embracing platforms like Raydium and Jupiter for $CRWNY trades, we observed and celebrated the token's upward trajectory.

Our esteemed community member, Joe Reevus, shared his thoughts on the $CRWNY prize promotion and got a lot of attention, including from some of the influencers we just mentioned!

Reevus about crwny price chart

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Another esteemed member of the Crowny family, Marcus, highlighted the token's exit from the accumulation zone, optimistically pointing towards a bright future for $CRWNY as Crowny's platform gears up to full swing!

Marcus crwny heating up

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Looking forward

We asked the community “What brands should be in the Crowny App?” looking forward to its release. Our favourite response, also considering the $CRWNY surge and Bitcoin’s new ATH, was Lamborghini! Here’s a loyalty card of how a Lamborghini loyalty program card would look like in the Crowny App. Purely hypothetical, of course!

Lamborghini loyalty card in the crowny app.png

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We showcased one of our latest major enhancements to our Shopify integration, which allows brands to quickly create loyalty offers within the Crowny App. Our web3 loyalty platform, which uses the Solana blockchain, simplifies rewarding programme members without having to understand blockchain technology. With just a product ID, brands can publish deals instantly, improving user engagement and experience. A demonstration video showed the seamless process from a Shopify shop to the Crowny portal and highlighted the efficiency of the platform.

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As a result of all the promising things happening behind the scenes, combined with the amazing momentum you are getting to see, Quincy could not contain his enthusiasm. His optimism for Crowny shone brightly as he shared his positive outlook on the future of the project in a short, powerful statement:

“Outlook for Crowny is so good” - Quincy on X

What’s next?

It is important to note that holders of $CRWNY on AscendEX must move their tokens before 17 March to avoid a relocation process via AscendEX customer service. For detailed information on how to create a wallet and trade $CRWNY on DEXs, visit our Crowny Token page.

Anticipating the release of our platform, the lengthy approval process has given us a chance to take our marketing and sales strategies to an even higher level. Quincy showed off a feature from an upcoming explainer video. What do you guys think?

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Quincy also introduced Smokey, a new addition to the Crowny family, via a conversation shared on X. Smokey expressed confidence in $CRWNY because of our solid use case and the capabilities of the Solana blockchain to support the project's ambitions. This endorsement underlines the strategic vision and growing community support behind Crowny.

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“$crwny is a good bet!” Ace on X

In our ongoing platform development, we are constantly refining and innovating, which requires us to update our sales and marketing materials regularly. Quincy recently gave insight into our strategy and highlighted the integration of web3, AI for personalisation and e-commerce within our app-powered loyalty platform in a pitch he is working on. 

quincy working on pitch deck in car

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At this moment we remain focused on achieving key milestones, such as the release on Shopify, which will then give $CRWNY more utility, letting Betterbrand's community thrive with our released platform, and rolling out our app on iOS and Google Play stores.

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Thank you all for your continuous support.

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