How to optimize your customer journey in 2022 with Crowny?

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Jun 27, 2022 • 4 min read
customer journey optimization with Crowny.

To understand your customer’s experiences over every touchpoint with your brand, specifying a customer journey is very useful and effective.

The interactions you have with your customers at any stage in this journey determine the odds of conversion. Therefore it is essential for a business to understand and optimize the journey based on the insights they’ve gained after researching the different phases. Customer journey mapping is the process of specifying what stages the customer completes. Every different phase of the journey can come with a different set of pain points that can be eliminated after optimization. In this process, the customer journey is being reshaped into a journey with the least number of obstacles for a customer possible.

Learn everything about customer journey management and all the components to take into consideration.

Personalization is a key

Consumers expect a brand experience tailored to their interests, regardless of where they are in their purchase journey. According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect brands to customize their customer interactions. Try starting with identifying the details and motivations of your customer’s persona as well as creating a unique messaging Leverage the analytics and results-driven features of the Crowny platform to always reach the right person with the right message at the right time.

Show empathy 

Make sure to address your customers’ biggest pain, and show them how easy and beautiful their life can be with YOUR solution. Educate your users to demonstrate the value of your product. One of the biggest known pains for nearly every consumer nowadays is irrelevant and intrusive advertising. It’s a pain that can be tackled by scheduling messages based on user preferences, like interests and notification frequency. As a result, this will improve the experience for the consumer and stimulate immediate open rates and exposure to your content.

“Great brands are like friends - you encounter a huge number of them every day, but you only remember the ones you love.” (Luc Speisser, MD Landor)

Be truthful

Implement social media campaigns that put focus on peer expertise and guidance, this will create an additional bond with your consumer and a reputation of a brand that understands. 

A Stackla survey (via Business Wire) found that consumers are 2.4 times more likely to say user-generated content (UGC) is authentic compared to branded content. User-generated content is a consequence of customer loyalty. For a brand to have a community that operates like brand ambassadors brings incredible value. It all starts with brand loyalty, something any business can improve using the Crowny platform.  

Create meeting points 

Think of a visual representation of your brand, ideas, and solutions. Remember that the place where your potential consumers find you matters. Follow up with your users at the locations they might go to next. Enhance the discovery phase with Crowny geofencing: send enticing offers when it matters most to realize direct offline conversion with your physical stores or events.

Keep consistency

Take control of your customer decision-making journey, stay consistent with the messaging and lead it from raising brand awareness to making a purchase. Communicate with the users in a unified matter regardless if it’s online, on socials, or at physical events. Crowny will gladly support you by creating loyalty around your brand.

Building confidence by keeping data private

Build customer confidence by providing all the information and taking your customer support to the next level. Remember, that data privacy is one of your top priorities, now more than ever. At Crowny, user data is always anonymized, it is only accessible to the users, no one else, which helps us build trust. 

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