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Crowny Updates • Jan 25, 2022 • 6 min read
Building the ultimate rewards program | Crowny Yearly Recap.

2021 was a great start for Crowny, the year when we started building our story for the public! Like any company, we had our ups and downs, but the journey has been rewarding and definitely worth it! Let’s start from the beginning and see how we got to where we are today.

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  2. ☑️What To Expect In The New Year?


The idea of Crowny was finalized and the founding team has started working on the details, this is when we have decided that the Solana blockchain was the best solution, hence Crowny has become one of the first adopters. We were able to close the seed round and onboard some amazing investors who have made the decision to support us on this journey.

Having received a grant from the EcoSerum fund allowed us to have a direct line with many other Solana related projects to establish not only the necessary partnerships within the ecosystem to grow Crowny, but also help these brands get a better way to advertise and make use of our loyalty system. Serum was one of the first to support our vision from the start of 2021!

serum grant crowny

Look at how early Crowny was by making the decision to move to Solana and becoming one of the earliest grant recipients


We raised the rest of our funding from the private round attracting even more investors, to continue the final public sale with the DAOMaker, our launchpad partner. On the same day, $CRWNY got listed on AscendEX, a top tier digital asset trading platform with over one million users! This turned into a strong partnership where AscendEX can leverage the Crowny Loyalty Program to incentivise users and attract new ones through the Crowny Advertising Portal. This is also the period where our auditor Zokyo gave us one of the highest scores based on our security.


After announcing the private Beta testing of the #CrownyApp we received over 5,000 applications to be a part of our Beta program in just a few days, what an interest! In our first batch, we allowed 500 community members to test the Crowny App.

The Crowny team became bigger and we welcomed a few new members. The growth mode is on, and we will be hiring even more people to strengthen the team and align our efforts in making Crowny one of the thriving factors in the Solana ecosystem.

We kicked off our business development activities and started onboarding first partners. Coin98 Wallet is the leading non-custodial, multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet and DeFi gateway with 22+ supported blockchains, 9+ AMMs, Cross-Chain Bridge and numerous DApps. Through this partnership, Coin98 Wallet is bringing more users to the Crowny app and now working on creating a program on the Crowny platform for incentivizing their users by earning their Coin98 Loyalty Points and CRWNY-tokens through the Crowny app for completing tasks. We granted exclusive access for #98 Coin98 community members to test the Crowny app first. Over 12k+ $CRWNY and $C98 users signed up via Coin98 Wallet to try out the Crowny App, so we decided to double the entries and give access to 196 users.


The first public testing of the Crowny App took place during Breakpoint Lisbon, as a celebration of our partnership with Aldrin, an ecosystem of DeFi products built on Solana and Serum with the goal of simplifying DeFi and a focus on excellent customer experience. During the event, Aldrin helped with onboarding more users to the Crowny App, several geofences were created around the venue where users were able to meet the founding teams of both companies, install the Crowny App, join an exclusive Breakpoint Loyalty Program, and enjoy a free beer!

In November, we signed yet another partnership within the Solana ecosystem, this time with 8Pay, a crypto payment processor that lets you access single, recurring and on-demand payments from a wide range of tokens. 8Pay also enables users to schedule payments such as payroll without the need to deposit or lock funds in advance.

So far we were able to onboard the first 10,000 app users and the app is still in Beta! This is a huge indicator for us that we are on the right track, we expect even more once the full functionality is available and we can start rewarding every user! The official launch is coming up.

December 8 became a date when we started the migration to Solana, the whole migration process will last 2 months, starting from the 8th of December. During this period, our users are able to convert their ERC20 $CRWNY to SPL $CRWNY. Converting tokens from the ERC20 variant to the SPL variant is done through locking/burning the tokens on Ethereum, and minting them on Solana.

As part of $CRWNY token migration to Solana, Raydium launched two Fusion pools for CRWNY-USDC and CRWNY-RAY! Emissions in CRWNY, with Dual Yield on the RAY pair!

In conclusion

To summarize the year we would love to highlight that Crowny:

  • Built an amazing community from 0 to 25k followers from all over the world

  • Raised an amazing amount from investors

  • Received a Serum Grant among very few projects

  • Tested our app in multiple phases and now being closer than ever to the official launch

  • Signed up 10k+ users since the start of beta testing

  • Started our migration to Solana

  • Now gives an opportunity to provide liquidity to $CRWNY on Raydium earning a juicy 200%+ APY

What To Expect In The New Year?

The answer is simple — Crowny is ready to thrive! In the next weeks, we will announce our updated roadmap highlighting some of the milestones for #2022. Don’t lag behind and join the fun experience of interacting with the brands you love in a brand-new rewarding way!

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