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Mar 11, 2022 β€’ 3 min read

Crowny continues to grow the partnerships network within the Solana ecosystem and today we are proudly announcing a partnership with Boring Protocol.

What is Boring Protocol?

Boring is a protocol for participants in virtual private networks to conduct transactions between node providers and bandwidth users, simply put a DVPN. The protocol allows for node providers to connect their endpoints via Solana Program Library and attach metadata that identifies the attributes of their node such as geolocation etc. the protocol inversely allows bandwidth users to identify and connect to these provided nodes, ultimately transacting with the provider via the protocol.

How are we collaborating?

Boring Protocol has been an active contributor to the growth of the Solana ecosystem. So far, they were able to increase their community members count to over 50k users on various social media, bringing together the people who are interested not only in crypto but also in protecting their user’s privacy, something Crowny and Boring Protocol provide. BOP ensures no private data is kept and Crowny only notifies users based on their preferences without sharing data with 3rd parties. BOP clients connect to virtual private networks to obfuscate personal private data that would normally be shared with endpoints such as websites and advertisers these websites serve. With Boring, a client funds a BOP wallet with tokens and selects certain criteria for their connection such as geolocation or connection latency.

Boring Protocol will onboard their community members into the Crowny App, by creating their customized Loyalty Program to allow their users to get rewarded for their support and attention.

In the future, Crowny will work on a solution where our users could get early access to try the Boring Protocol DVPN, this will bring thousands of users towards BOP once the DVPN is launched.

What happens next?

Both companies will continue working together on creating more content for the Boring Protocol Loyalty Program on the Crowny platform.

When we launch the Crowny App and Portal, we will continue with a joint AMA session to attract more users to the App to follow the Boring Protocol Loyalty Program and onboard the Boring Protocol team into the Portal.

Using the Crowny platform as an additional marketing tool will help Boring Protocol to build a more loyal community and reward them for every interaction with the exclusive content.

Learn more about Boring Protocol

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πŸ”— Twitter

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πŸ”— Telegram

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