Crowny Monthly Recap June

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Crowny Updates • Jul 2, 2021 • 3 min read
Crowny Monthly Recap June.

A recap of what happened for Crowny and the entire Crowny family in the month of June, 2021.

So Where Are We Today?

The last 4 months were busy in terms of development, establishing new partnerships, and growing the Crowny team. One of the biggest milestones was reached, we have launched the Beta version of the Crowny App. We are grateful and overwhelmed by the interest of our community in testing the app. Over 5,000 community members signed up! The first 500 participants will be chosen in the coming days and can start testing the Beta version of the App in the week of the 5th of July.

Over 5,000 community members signed up. Did you do it already?!

Over 5,000 community members signed up. Did you do it already?!

What Happened In The Last Month?

✅ Launched the Beta version of the Crowny App.

✅ Over 5,000 people signed up to be a part of our Beta program. If you want to apply to be a beta tester, please apply {update: not available anymore}

✅ Set the base fundamentals to partner up with many more companies.

✅ Developed our testing system of getting the user’s feedback for each testing phase.

✅ Our CEO, Quincy Dagelet, recently spoke at the Dutch Blockchain Days event in the Netherlands. More on Twitter.

✅ Reached a milestone of over 40m+ being staked on AscendEX. Take a look here. Stake your $CRWNY here.

Speaking announcement for the Dutch Blockhain days.

Speaking announcement for the Dutch Blockchain days.

What To Expect For Next Month?

We are really excited to tell you that everything in the roadmap goes according to plan. In July we will focus on the following below:

🦄 Launch new staking programs: We will be launching new LP programs to incentivize our users and grow the volume on our DEX’s for a better experience.

📲 App & portal: During this month we will finish the first phase of testing our Beta version of the app. You can expect more to come after our first round with 500 community members. Read more here. Everything around the app and the portal is our main focus!

🤝 Establish more partnerships: Onboarding more of your favorite brands to join the Crowny platform. Even more rewards!

👤 Growing the team: We are still hiring more exceptional people to join us, feel free to reach out if you want to become a part of the Crowny team.

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