Crowny Monthly Recap July

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Crowny Updates • Aug 3, 2021 • 4 min read
Crowny Monthly Recap July.

A recap of what happened for Crowny and the entire Crowny family in the month of July, 2021.

So Where Are We Today?

Ok, the big news comes first! We have officially started Beta testing the Crowny App! Yay! 🍾

The day before we launched the Beta Version of the Crowny App.

The day before we launched the Beta Version of the Crowny App.

This is an amazing time for us and the community. Hard work always pays off and milestones like this one bring us closer to our goals! Having received more than 5,000 signups to participate in the beta testing, we have selected 500 community members to grant exclusive access to the testing process so they can share their feedback and thoughts on what the Crowny app should be like.

We are grateful for the support and the feedback of our community. It has been incredibly inspiring and rewarding to see that so many caring people eager to help us improve.

What Happened In The Last Month?

Our partnership announcement with Coin98 Wallet.

Our partnership announcement with Coin98 Wallet.

  • Launched the Beta version of the Crowny App and selected the first 500 community members to test it.

  • Made improvements in the next version of the Crowny App such as Face ID and finger-scan, both are implemented to make the login user-friendlier. Fixed bugs such as the ‘confirmation mail delay’, ‘not being able to use spaces in surname’, and ‘apostrophe in names’.

  • Submitted the newest Beta version of the Crowny App to Android and IOS.

  • Partnered up with Coin98 Wallet. They will be using our Loyalty Program and Advertising Portal to reward their users with Coin98 Loyalty Points and $CRWNY.

  • Set the base fundamentals to partner up with many more companies.

  • Got selected as one of the Solana projects by Bitmart Exchange for a potential listing on their exchange. All you have to do is vote Crowny {update: expired}. You can read more about the voting process here.

  •  Quincy Dagelet welcomed Jasper Rijnders who joined Crowny as the new CCO. He brings in a lot of experience, holds an extensive network, and will mainly focus on expanding our commercial strategy. You can read the announcement here.

Welcome to the team Jasper!

Welcome to the team Jasper!

What To Expect For Next Month?

We are excited to tell you that we are on track to hitting all our roadmap goals! In August we will focus on the below:

Some of the updated in our application requested by our community.

Some of the updates in our application requested by our community.

  • 📍 We are adjusting our roadmap according to our app launch. The next phase of app testing will be one of the most important ones since we will include the loyalty system then. We expect $CRWNY as a token on Solana in the next months.

  • 📲 Give access to more users to try the Crowny App.

  • 🤝 We are working on new integrating options for other wallet providers to work alongside our wallet interface. An early adopter is Coin98 Wallet, where we recently started a partnership with. You can read more about it here. You can expect more things to happen between Coin98 Wallet and Crowny in the next month.

  • 🤝 Besides the partnership mentioned above, we are focusing on building out the loyalty functionalities alongside AscendEX, which is very beneficial due to the number of users they have and the win-wins we are able to create.

  • 🤝 We have two ‘traditional’ brands ready to onboard the Crowny ecosystem in the Netherlands. They have combined over 100k+ returning customers.

  • 🤝 Establish more partnerships: Onboarding more of your favorite brands to join the Crowny platform. Especially with a focus on the Solana Ecosystem. Time for more rewards!

  • 👤 We are hiring more exceptional people to join us, feel free to reach out if you want to become a part of the Crowny team or apply directly.

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