Crowny Loyalty Program, the details

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Crowny Updates • Nov 27, 2021 • 5 min read
Crowny Loyalty Program, the details.

The Crowny Beta App has been live for some time now. You have been able to enjoy two public loyalty programs so far. Now it's our time to show what we're about!

The Solana Breakpoint- and The Birb Nest loyalty programs showcased the added value. We were able to provide great service to the users and businesses involved. Valuable feedback, that we have already implemented in the Crowny Loyalty Program, makes the experience even more engaging and rewarding. App users have been able to save up Brand Loyalty Points. The value of the points has been proven, The Birb Nest have rewarded participants with NFT’s and Lifetime memberships! The rewards for the Solana Breakpoint program are soon to be announced as well. In the meantime, we are not slowing down. On the contrary, the upcoming month will go down as one of the most exciting months in the existence of Crowny. Are you ready?

The launch of our own program

It’s time to start rewarding our community. This is what we stand for; we connect you, we let you engage, and we reward you for doing so. The attention and the interactions we have received so far from our community and app users are valuable. They have provided us with continuous support. We will be rewarding this support with the launch of our own program. Now is your time to shine and interact with the content we will be providing you with. Make sure to download the Crowny App, otherwise, you might miss out on some valuable Brand Loyalty Points! You can now download the Android App {old}, or the IOS App {old}.

Purpose of the program

So far we have been keeping the Crowny community updated through our LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram and Discord. For brands, platforms like these are both convenient and necessary. The Crowny platform, however, is unparalleled when it comes to the experience between brands and users, with great connecting and engagement rates as a result. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that, from now on, we will be using our own platform for communicative purposes as well. You will be able to earn our Brand Loyalty Points by using the Crowny App to follow the news covering the topics below:

  • Solana Migration

  • New partnerships and partnership developments

  • Upcoming campaigns that will allow users to get rewarded

  • Launches of brand new Loyalty Programs

  • Relevant App updates

  • More ways to get rewarded!

Eventually, you will even be able to $CRWNY with the Crowny Loyalty Program, just by staying up-to-date! Needless to say, we will still keep you up to date with our developments through our socials as well. The social media platforms will not reward you though!

The value of Brand Loyalty Points

During the Solana Breakpoint event and The Birb Nest trading congress, the app users have saved up a lot of Brand Loyalty Points. The community’s response was overwhelmingly positive. At a certain point, everyone seemed to be waiting for us to send out more and more messages. The data confirmed this as the instant open rate of our push notifications so far have been nothing less than mind-blowing. The Solana Breakpoint program reward will be announced soon after the final Brand Loyalty Points have been distributed. As mentioned earlier, the rewards for ‘The Birb Nest’ program have been distributed and the lucky winners have been notified. As the owner of the program, The Birb Nest can decide the value of their Brand Loyalty Points. They decided to reward the most active participants of the loyalty program with Special Birb NFT’s, Lifetime Subscriptions and Limited Discounts. They are satisfied with the results so far!

crowny cryptobirb nft

Check out this tweet right here.

The value of Crowny Brand Loyalty Points

We are looking forward to the results of our Loyalty Programs when the Solana Migration has been completed, and users can start earning $CRWNY on top of Brand Loyalty Points with their interactions. For now, we will be getting creative with our rewards. One of the things our community has been asking for is Crowny merchandise. Crowny hoodies in particular are in high demand, and we will make sure that app users will be able to earn Crowny merchandise like our hoodies shortly. We would also like to reward the users in other fun ways, more on that topic will follow! The main focus right now is on the migration and the Crowny merchandise. In the future we can get as original as we want with our rewards and the Solana migration will help us ensure that app users can get rewarded in $CRWNY which gives us more options. We are looking forward to this development and more details on the migration will follow shortly!

Why you should download the app and subscribe

In conclusion, the Crowny App offers you real value in multiple ways and has a lot of surprises in store for early adopters. The program also serves an extra purpose for the current users besides rewards. To make it as simple as possible, from this point onwards, current users of the Crowny App will be subscribed by default to the Crowny Loyalty Program. In the upcoming few weeks, we will be communicating several major announcements for Crowny through the Crowny Loyalty Program. Download the App to be the first to know, and get rewarded for doing so!

Download below:

  • Crowny Beta IOS App {old}

  • Crowny Beta Android App {old}

Update: our beta testing phase is done. Discover our socials to learn about the Crowny App’s latest updates!