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Boost customer loyalty to drive recurring sales for your e-commerce brand with our easy-to-use web3 loyalty platform.

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Built for Shopify

Tailored to your needs

Reach your audience

Provide relevant content with user preferences to captivate shoppers

Incentivize engagement

Boost app and social participation with the interact-to-earn™ mechanism

Foster brand loyalty

Grow an engaged brand community that backs your brand

Reward advocacy

Word-of-mouth, sharing and reviews are valuable - time to encourage it

Get repeat purchases

Entice your community with tailored rewards for consistent conversions

Improve lifetime value

Maximize customer value in your community for continuous growth

How it works

Plug and play

Create your branded loyalty program
checkmark icon transparent. Use automated program builder to start instantly
checkmark icon transparent. Set earning rules for your subscribers
checkmark icon transparent. Design and publish your loyalty card
Crowny App | Mobile Marketing | Q's Coffee Loyalty Store.
Connect with your target audience
checkmark icon transparent. Grow your program with sharable invitations
checkmark icon transparent. Reach your audience on mobile at all times
checkmark icon transparent. Leverage incentives to boost engagement
Crowny Portal | Loyalty Card Benefits.
Convert one-time-shoppers to loyal customers
checkmark icon transparent. Use personalized rewards to get repeat purchases
checkmark icon transparent. Improve campaigns with performance dashboards
checkmark icon transparent. Foster relationships through personalized messaging
Crowny Portal | Crypto Wallet For Business | Q's Coffee.
Crowny App | Mobile Marketing | Q's Coffee Loyalty Store.
Crowny Portal | Loyalty Card Benefits.
Crowny Portal | Crypto Wallet For Business | Q's Coffee.
Web3 loyalty

Get more from your audience

Meet customers where they are

Consumers can be found online, which is where web3 thrives. Reach your audience directly with push notifications

Make data-driven decisions

Benefit from actionable community insights using trackable blockchain rewards and anonymized data

Skip development costs

Industry leaders can afford to spend big on app development. We make this quality accessible to any brand

Get results on Shopify

Reduce acquisition costs, improve retention rates and elevate customer lifetime value of your Shopify customers

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At Betterbrand, we pride ourselves on hiring the best people and working with the best possible partners. As we began looking for a rewards program, we went into our network and found Crowny, an incredible team that could help bring our vision to life.

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Dr. Chris Jackson

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