Crowny Receives Grant From The Serum Fund

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Loyalty & Marketing • April 14th, 2021 • 3 min read

We are proud to announce that we are one of few recipients of the Serum Grant! In this article, you will read more about how we accomplished this and what we are trying to do for the whole ecosystem.

A Bit Of Background On How

As Crowny, we were searching for the right blockchain to build our advertising and loyalty platform on. Our requirements were that the blockchain should be cheap to transact with and have a high speed to provide users with the best experience. For example, we can’t reward a consumer with $0.20 and end up paying over $40 in gas fees. Based on these requirements, we started developing on Solana and became one of the early adopters of the Solana and Serum Ecosystem.

After getting intros to the right people at Serum, the ball started rolling and we got the opportunity to explain our vision. All this was based on our passion for the technology and what it could provide for Crowny’s infrastructure. After having multiple conversations, explaining our vision and listening to Serum, we realized we could work together and establish great things. We woke up at 6am receiving the following message: ‘Guys, we have good news, we can grant Crowny X tokens from the EcoSerum fund’!

crowny team serum grant celebration

The Crowny team the same morning.

What Does This Mean For Crowny?

Receiving a grant from the EcoSerum fund allows us to have a direct line to establish not only the necessary partnerships within the ecosystem to grow Crowny, but also help these brands get a better way to advertise and make use of our loyalty system.

Other Things Crowny And Serum Are Doing Together

As we, and many others are expecting, the Serum and Solana ecosystems will keep on growing. We therefore want our $CRWNY token to be tradeable on the DEX and have the right partner for a Solana migration later in 2021.

With Crowny, we will use our advertising mechanisms to explain to users more about the opportunities within the Serum ecosystem and how things such as their DEX and wallet work from an educational perspective.

Crowny offers the possibility for all Serum and Solana related projects to try out our free customized loyalty programs to encourage their users to use it for feature news releases.


As Crowny, we are beyond proud to be recognized by Serum and to receive a grant from their EcoSerum Fund. But most importantly, we are eager to work alongside an amazing project with a thriving community, which we also strive to build as well.

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